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Short-tailed Pythons Marketplace

We're pumped to launch our first new category of 2017: Short-tailed Pythons.

Short-tailed Pythons include Blood Pythons and their less commonly kept cousins, the Sumatran and Borneo Short Tails. Our marketplace currently includes almost 100 listings with genes like Albino T+ and T- as well as Matrix, Granite, and Golden Eye.

Prominently featured is Steven Tillis of RepTillis Herps. Steven specializes in Red Bloods and owns, but also produces Carpet and Ball Pythons.

This MorphMarket update increases our abilities to represent subcategories which will enable upcoming areas with many subspecies like Kingsnakes and Milk Snakes. It also allows us to create miscellaneous categories such as "Other Pythons" where we can quickly add many new categories until they mature to becoming a top-level category.