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We've been heads down for the past few months adding almost 20 new premium features to MorphMarket. This is the first of a series of blogs to highlight the additions.

Today we will share enhancements to ad information. For each new field we've indicated in square brackets which seller membership levels the feature is applicable to.

Item Origin [All]

Indicates where the animal originated from, with values Self Produced, Domestically Produced, Wild Caught and Imported. This is especially important in species where importation is a common practice. It also allows sellers to indicate whether they bred the animal or it was produced by someone else.

Domestic Shipping Estimate [All]

Inquries about shipping cost are very common. Now sellers in many cases sellers can give the buyer clarity up front about what to expect, if shipping is fixed cost or expected to be within a certain range for domestic shipments.

Sold as Group [Basic]

Finally we have a way to list a group of animals for sale as a single unit. Sellers can utilize by setting the quantity to a value greater than zero to reveal the checkbox for the "Sold as Group" option.

Payment Plans [Basic]

Indicates if payment plan is available. Further details are found in the Store Policies.

Trades [Basic]

Sellers can state their position on being willing to trade up front, saving everyone time.

Negotiation [Basic]

Sellers vary a lot in how much they are willing to negotiate. This lets buyers know up front.

Inquire for Price [Premium]

For rare high-end animals.

Bottom Line

What effect do these new fields have? First, the values are clearly communicated in the ad's structured fields where buyers are accustomed to looking, rather than buried in description or policy text. We also reiterate many of these on the inquiry screen to attempt to address questions that have been answered. In the future once these values are being commonly used, we'll add them to our search filters so buyers can save even more time while browsing.