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Quick Replies

We've just added Quick Replies to the Messages Page. These are templated Seller responses for common scenarios.

For example, a common scenario is when a buyer inquires both through our messages system as well as through another channel like Facebook. If the seller responds via Facebook, the seller still had to send a brief message through our system such as "Already replied on FB" so MorphMarket knows they know they responded in a timely manner.

With Quick Replies, sellers can now resolve this situation with just 2 clicks and in a way that avoids an unnecessary message being sent.

While sellers normally manage inquiry communications via email, these can also be found on the Messages Page on our site. This page provides additional information and functionality beyond what can be done in email.

Now on the Messages Page when you reply to buyer, you will see the new Quick Reply buttons, each which has a certain set of effects as follows:

  • Already Responded: Let the messages system know you're on top of it. This will not send an email.
  • Sold to Them: Indicate that this buyer purchased the item. This will not send an email.
  • No Longer Available: Send an email, mark item as sold, and close the thread. If you want to follow up that you have something related available, send a custom message instead of taking this action.
  • Decline Inquiry: Send an email and close the thread. This is the way to respond promptly that you're not interested, for whatever reason. Buyers will generally not like this, so please use sparingly and prefer a custom message.

Buyers can obtain the best responses from sellers by not sending lowball offers or asking questions already answered in the ad. We'd like to say more on this soon.

This is just one of our plans to improve the speed and consistency of communication between buyers and sellers.

You can find more information about this in the Selling Guide.