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What is Meant by Snout to Vent

Greg Graziani says, back in the days when reptiles were primarily obtained from the wild, it was more common to compare them in length. A 5' rat snake was more valuable than a 4' rat snake. But today in the captive breeding of pet reptiles, weight tends to be more commonly used.

There are still some reptile species in which length is preferred. For these, we've just added a "Length" attribute to ads.

We've added two forms of length measurement: Total Length and Snout-to-Vent (STV). The latter is useful when animal has lost part of its tail, such that total length would no longer be an accurate measurement of its maturity. It's also useful when attempting a tail measurement could jeopardize your health. That's true of a category we'll be adding next week, and if you know much about Greg's passion, you'll know what we're talking about!