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The MorphMarket Reptile Community (MRC) is a brand new, modern platform for reptile enthusiasts to share skills, knowledge, and interests through ongoing conversation.

While MorphMarket has always focused on doing one thing well, we believe that this extension will be an excellent compliment to the marketplace and fill an important need. This site is a place for:

  • Top breeders to have high-level conversations with other breeders
  • Hobbyists to find reliable information on care, genetics, and breeding
  • Sellers to build relationships and gain visibility by creating content and helping others

Our goal is to bring the international community together in one place which is easy and fun to use. The atmosphere will be constructive and respectful, and the content can be easily searched and archived for everyone.

We believe this improves on the existing social media situation, where the information is:

  • Divided into hundreds of groups walled off from one another
  • Hard to search and inaccessible to search engines
  • Owned and controlled by large companies rather than by the contributors
  • Inconsistently moderated, and full of distractions and politics

All you need is a free MorphMarket account to login. Join us now at