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MRC Integrations

Want your name on MorphMarket's home page? We're now posting trending topics from the MorphMarket Reptile Community (MRC) to our home page and other areas on the site.

  • Home page headlines: Shows trending topics alongside our blog posts.
  • Category headlines: Similar to the home page, but specific to each category. This uses a combination of categories and tags to map posts to the appropriate areas.
  • Profile links: All user and seller profiles now have a direct link to their community profile.
  • Seller headlines: Basic, Standard and Premium Members now have their recent posts highlighted on their store page. It's one more way for sellers to stand out and distinguish themselves for their knowledge and helpfulness and to build trust with prospective buyers.
  • Facebook and Twitter posts: as with MorphMarket ads, we're now sharing MRC posts to these social platforms.

You can see visuals for all of these use cases in this MRC post.