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Export & Other Updates

While working on other big projects, we have also made improvements to export and other features.

Now you can Export various slices of your data. Previously the Export function on the Animal Manager would output all animals in your active collection, such as those For Sale and Not For Sale. Now, Export will output all of the animals currently displayed on your Animal Manager page. This means you can export any subset of your Animal data present or past. For example, you could export Sold animals with any set of filters by genetics, maturity, etc.

Other updates:

  • Share button now includes Copy Link in addition to Facebook. This means you can get a link to your Listing, Store Page, Offspring Group, an Expo and post it anywhere.
  • Index Polish
    • Default sort now only puts subcategories at the top, and localities are mixed in with other traits
    • Clear button to more quickly select subsets of traits
    • Inclusion of stats previously displayed, now under the (i) icon
  • Expanded Image Support
    • HEIC images now supported
    • Imported photo URLs can be from Google Drive
    • Imported photos get downloaded faster, within minutes instead of every hour
  • More fixes for the old App in preparation for our App-store Apps

At the same time, we continue working on bigger features!