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Looking for anything specific at NARCB's Tinley Park this weekend? Pre-order animals and locate them during the show using MorphMarket's new Tinley Search. Includes over 1000 Ball Pythons, 200 Boa Constrictors and 175 Leopard Geckos from more than 30 breeders who'll be vending the show.

This is a feature we made available during the time of the Tinley expo. You can still play with it here: Tinley Search.

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With such a large virtual marketplace, sometimes you might feel a bit like you're going in circles. "Have I been here before?" This might cause you to be unsure if you're inquired about an animal before.

Now we'll display a teal-colored box below the Inquire and other buttons which shows you the timestamp of previous inquiries.

This was a great idea from a user last night. Do we listen to user feedback? You betcha!

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