Sand Boa Genetic Calculator

Enter two parent morphs to be paired in breeding and calculator will display genetic possibilities.
Stripe Albino Paradox x Normal Change Inputs
Produces 2 possible offspring.

/ % %/c #/c Traits #Traits Morph Name
Stripe Het Albino Pos Paradox 3 Stripe Het Albino Pos Paradox
Het Albino Pos Paradox 2 Het Albino Pos Paradox

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Analyzing the Offspring
  • Swipe to scroll horizontally across table.
  • Hover or click on column headers or parameters for definitions.
  • Click on column headers to sort. Shift-click to sort on multiple columns.
  • Click on results to search that morph.
  • Find more information about genetics on the initial calculator page.
  • Report problems by contacting us. Suggest missing genes by following these instructions.