0.1 Black Pastel Pied

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius

ID: 22-02-0.1-5

0.1 Black Pastel Pied

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius


Weight: 142g
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat

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Animal ID: 22-02-0.1-5
First Posted: 09/20/22
Last Renewed: 01/21/23
Last Updated: 02/08/23

Simcoe, Ontario
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About Caruana Exotics

I am a small hobby breeder of ball pythons, garters and Black Mexican king snakes amongst some others since 2011. I have acquired some of the best quality animals available from a number of top quality breeders.
Along side my daughter that breeds leopard, fat tail, and crested gecko's.
I have also been designing and building racks and custom enclosures since 2010.
My passion is a reflection of the animals and enclosures i produce.

Manuel Caruana
Caruana Exotics

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