Enchi Het Clown Ball Python (#F21EnchiHetClwn)

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Description. Pairing: 0.1 black pastel het clown x 1.0 enchi lesser clown
Enchi Het Clown
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Enchi 100% Het Clown
29th May 2021
Frozen/Thawed Rat




Montreal, Quebec Canada flag

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About The Ball Room Canada. I am a small volume Canadian breeder and hobbyist producing 10-15 clutches per year. I produce snakes that I find beautiful and unique. Currently I am focusing on clowns, enhancers, genetic stripes, and pieds, as well as champagne and BEL complex combos.

It is important to me that I provide a positive pre- and post-sale experience for those who reach out to me. When I am not in my ball room, I am a college biology instructor. Answering questions and sharing my enthusiasm with others is what I enjoy doing.

In addition to breeding, selling, and educating others about ball pythons, I am involved in research on ball python genetics. With researchers at McGill University (Montreal, Canada), we are studying the genetic basis of color and pattern in ball pythons. In 2020, we discovered the causal mutation for piebald, the first morph to be identified and sequenced. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.10.30.362970v2

Following our discovery, researchers at East Michigan University have determined the genetic variants for 3 other morphs. https://sites.google.com/emich.edu/ballpythongeneticsproject/home/current-progress?authuser=0

Together, we are working to determine the genetic basis of other morphs. This will advance our understanding of color and patterning in ball pythons as well as other vertebrates. Super exciting work!