[PURPLE LINE] Lavender Conda Western Hognose (#21-Lavco1)

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[PURPLE LINE] Lavender Conda Western Hognose
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Description. Beautiful purple line lavender conda male. Eats f/t pinkies and gains weight nicely. Shipping will be in September, I can do payment plans until shipping is possible with 25% booking fee, the rest of the payment 2 weeks before shipping.

*Pairing was purple line lavender conda pos het albino x het lavender*
[PURPLE LINE] Lavender Conda
Western Hognose Baby/Juvenile
Heterodon nasicus nasicus
Anaconda Purple Line Lavender
28th April 2021
Frozen/Thawed Mouse

Stockholm, Stockholms län Sweden flag

10.00-125.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. I ship with my courier - dutch dragon import - international price for USA is 160$ and 60$ per additional animal. I can also ship to other countries, pm for price. I have shipped to USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Greece, Hong kong, Germany and the Netherlands.

Terms & conditions
Where applicable these terms and conditions override MorphMarkets default store policy
• Payment can be in cash, bank transfer, paypal (prefer f&f), or swish if you are in Sweden.
• 25% deposit is required for reservation, the deposit if non refundable. Animals that are going abroad needs to be paid in full before shipping.
• Shipping animals international to USA and other countries overseas is the buyers responsibility. UK and EU animal couriers override the USA transportation as regulations and logistics are very different. Once the animal leaves my care it becomes the lability of the courier as they are health checked before acceptance by the courier. This overrides MorphMarkets default store policy.
• Animal health and weight; if buyer collects then buyer is responsible for carrying out their own health checks. The courier is responsible for picking up healthy animals as they are checked before acceptance. Weights can vary but are often over the advertised weight due to the length of time they are advertised. Animals that are not healthy or grossly underweight or not feeding are not shipped.

I guarantee that my animals are in great condition before they leave my care.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Snowblair Condas. My name is Lina I am a well known hobby breeder with a huge interest in animals and genetics, I live in Sweden but I ship worldwide.
Alot of my costumers come from USA, Hong Kong, Cyprus and other places in Europe.
I specify in breeding western hognose snakes, scaleless cornsnakes and high end crested geckos. I have over 8 years experience with reptiles and I also got a animal care degree.