Lesser 100% Het Clown Ball Python (#202101-6)

Lesser 100% Het Clown Ball Python
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Description. here is a male lesser 100% het clown royal python hatchling, he will be ready to go very soon, strike feeding on rats, currently weighs 120 grams and has had 9 feeds. he was hatched on 27/6/21 parents are lesserbee female x lesser clown male.
more photos/videos available on request have alook on my instagram for more pics of my snakes
Lesser 100% Het Clown
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
100% Het Clown Lesser
Domestically Produced
27th June 2021
Frozen/Thawed Rat

Preston, England United Kingdom flag

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About Massey's Morphs. hello im simon from preston lancs, I have been a reptile keeper for about 15 years and have kept and bred various reptiles, I have always had a soft spot for royals as that is what got me interested in reptiles from a child. So i decided to finally start on a journey to produce some of my favourite morphs and hopefully share them with you. I will be focusing mainly on albino and pied genes, but going forward who knows.. Instagram masseys_morphs