Pearl (Albino X Hypo) Poss Het Green Poss Het Granite Burmese Python (#B1-03)

Pearl (Albino X Hypo) Poss Het Green Poss Het Granite Burmese Python
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Description. Burmese Pythons CB20:

Pearl (Albino x Hypo) poss het Green poss het Granite

Males and Females available in both sexes
Some hatchling are showing visual signs of the hets stated

PLEASE REMEMBER... These will grow to be giant powerful snakes within a few years of growing and will need a lot of space, so these will only be sold to experienced and responsible owners. Do your research before you consider purchasing one of these Giant species of snakes.

All our hatchlings are shedding and pooping fine, feeding on thawed frozen rat fluffs some with chick tuff.
They have all been well looked after from birth, regularly fed and cleaned and also we have handled all our snakes as much as possible so it gets them used to human contact.
All snakes come complete with a full feeding and shedding information and provided with a snake box* for transport if needed
*please note this is not and cannot be used as a vivarium
Collection from PO7 area near Portsmouth
Pearl (Albino X Hypo) Poss Het Green Poss Het Granite
Burmese Python Baby/Juvenile
Python bivittatus
24th July 2020
Frozen/Thawed Rat

Portsmouth, England United Kingdom flag

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About D&H Royals. We are D&H Royals a husband and wife team who love reptiles... especially Ball Pythons!
We are hobbiest breeders based along the south coast of UK near Portsmouth.
We supply our animals with the best care possible and will only sell good healthy snakes.
All of our snakes come with a full feeding and shedding record, and also provide the best possible advice with any snake brought from us no matter how many years down the line.. we're always here to help!