Goldenchild Het Orange Ghost Stripe And Purple Reticulated Python (#2014Retic-Gold…)

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Goldenchild Het Orange Ghost Stripe And Purple Reticulated Python
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Description. 2014 - hatched by and purchased from Salvador Veleta. Current diet either multiple f/t X-large rat or 2-4lb range f/t rabbit. This snake is normally a pretty laid back guy, but is currently interested in a female so is wrestling and reacting a bit this fall. He is around 8' long and 15lbs give or take.

No shipping on this guy, I have no idea how to ship large snakes.
I'd prefer local pick up, but I am willing to drive a few hours to meet up

I've got a 2016 female phantom sunfire I'd love to go with him if you're interested.
Goldenchild Het Orange Ghost Stripe And Purple
Reticulated Python Adult
Python reticulatus
100% Het Orange Ghost Stripe Golden Child 100% Het Albino (Purple Phase)
Domestically Produced
2.5 m (total length)
Frozen/Thawed Rat

Rochester, Minnesota United States of America flag

60.00-80.00 (Domestic)
Will Consider
No Trades
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Due to my local hospital shipping out a massively increased volume of dry ice each night via my local FedEx, I am almost unable to ship live animals. I can ship through the next FedEx location that loads on a different plane about 2 hours away, but I can only make that trip very infrequently.... perhaps as little as one day per month.

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About Cloudy Water Domestics. I'm a first time mother with a fearless and danger prone toddler, and a husband that suffers through my hobby/obsession with a lot of patience and grace. I work in a big and busy hospital, so especially during Covid-19 turmoil, please be patient. Please keep communications and transactions easygoing for both our sakes. Work is paying the bills, so that takes priority over snake sales. I will answer your email, or get you a tracking number, but only after I've gotten the big stuff taken care of first.

Of particular note, I'm on a mission to find the perfect formula to get every baby ball python started on f/t and to never see live. It isn't always easy to get live, and I'm sure there are people like me that just plain don't want to make rodents suffer the death that a snake will deal to them. Because of this, I'm striving to get my baby balls to eat frozen thawed from their very first meal and EVERY meal thereafter. My current failure rate is 5%, or about 1 in every 20 babies. If anyone out there sees this and can offer advice to get that rate even lower, please share your knowledge with me if you are willing! If you are on the same mission but have a higher rate, I'd love to share what I've learned so far.