Kenyan Sand Boa Baby/Juvenile
Gongylophis colubrinus

ID: 22SB03

This Kenyan Sand Boa hatchling has had 6 successful pinkie feeds and is ready to go to her new home.
She is from a clutch of 9 healthy babies.
This sand boa is CB22, bred by us here at DJLExotics (David & Helen), licensed reptile breeders.
Collection & courier are both welcome. Deposit is £30.
We are happy to help with any questions you may have, you can message on here or contact us on 01255675876 or 07707525420
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Kenyan Sand Boa Baby/Juvenile
Gongylophis colubrinus


Birth: 21st September 2022
Weight: 10g
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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Shipping: 50.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: 22SB03
First Posted: 11/19/22
Last Renewed: 01/05/23
Last Updated: 02/06/23

Frinton-on-Sea, England
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Info and photos of the sire and dam are available on request.
Gender is given where possible.
Geckos are available for sale when over 12g of weight, and snakes are available after 5 feeds.
Individuals available for sale are all eating, pooping, and shedding healthily and geckos are fed a variety of live food items. All snakes will be taking defrost frozen mice/rats.
All of the reptiles we produce currently should be housed singularly (no cohabitation).
Reservations can be made with a non-refundable deposit of £30 or 20% if this is greater.
Collection or courier are both welcome.
A registered courier can be arranged for you or you are welcome to arrange your registered courier.
The length of time between deposit and collection/courier can be discussed on an individual basis.
Final payments must be made before collection.
We love to talk about reptiles, so any questions either before or after you receive your new family member are always welcome!
Our reptiles live in our family home so are well socialised and handled regularly. We are also licenced reptile breeders (AAL Number: 21/03890/LIPET)
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We're David & Helen at DJL Exotics and all our available reptiles are UK captive bred by us.
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We can also tell you more about the gecko or snake's character to make sure they're a match for you and your family because we get to know our hatchlings/juveniles well :)
We produce high-quality geckos and snakes with great genetic background and diversity. We consider ourselves blessed to be able to breed such stunning reptiles. Health, structure, and character are also a priority :)

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