Extreme Harlequin Tri-colour Crested Gecko (#MushxLuna0721a)

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Extreme Harlequin Tri-colour Crested Gecko
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Description. A lovely, friendly male crested gecko. Does really well with handling. Eating well on repashy and pangea. Absolutely loves eating any bugs.

I own both parents and can provide pics and I'm more that happy to provide more pics of the gecko.

Feel free to message on here or text/watsapp.
Extreme Harlequin Tri-colour
Crested Gecko Subadult
Correlophus ciliatus
Extreme Harlequin Fringing Kneecaps Blushing Tri-color
6th July 2021
Live Meal Replacement

Rugby, England United Kingdom flag

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Store policy. Geckos can be put on hold after a non refundable deposit is made. This will be 25% of the overall price over £100 or £20 for any under £100. Payments can be made by PayPal or bank transfer, or cash on collection if collected.

I have the right to refuse a sale at any point. If I refuse after any payment is made, all will be refunded.

If you pay off a certain amount, then you change your mind, I will refund 50% of what is paid (excluding deposit) and the rest will be kept as compensation for wasting my time.
Payment plans of up to 3 months can be arranged, just ask.

Happy to use a reputable reptile courier (These normally start around £45 in the mainland)
This can be arranged by yourself or I am happy to help if you are unsure.

I am not held responsible for any injury, dropped tails or DOA’s during any transportation.

I will provide a video or photo of the gecko to show it has left my care in prefect health. Then once the animal arrives with you I'd like a picture to prove it has arrived safely.

Once an animal leaves my care I will not issue any refunds.

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About Ice-Shard Exotics. I'm a small scale crested gecko breeder based in the UK. I work with extreme harlequins and super dalmatians.

All of my adults are kept in bioactive terrariums.

All of my hatchlings are housed separately from the moment they leave the incubator and have all their digits. If any do have any issues I will state it in the specific geckos description.

All my geckos are fed on CGD and live bugs.

Starting at one month of age, I start offering young geckos very small locusts, and as they get a bit bigger, baby dubias, sometimes mealworms and on occasion a wax worm.

I try to get all the babies used to handling, I atleast do it every week while cleaning them out, most are not very skittish as far as babies go (they do still like to show off their jumping abilities)