Accounts and Login

How do I recover my password?

From our home page, click 'Login' then click the link for 'Forgot Password'.

How do I change my username?

After logging in, use the menu to access your User Settings. The option is under the section for 'Username'.

When will my selling account be approved?

First, make sure that you have sent your approval photo according to these instructions.

We usually approve accounts within 24 hours of receiving the approval photo. If you have not heard back from us after 3 days (but not before), please follow up.

Why do you require users to be 18 years old?

Our Terms of Service require that all buyers and sellers on our site be 18 years old because minors lack the capacity to make a contract in the US. If you under this age, find an adult who is willing to create an account and make purchases on your behalf.