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How do I find an animal?

We don't have any special knowledge of animals available other than what's listed on our site. Here are some tips to help you search:

  • Gene Index: A great way to browse ads is with the gene index which is found under the 'Browse' tab of each category. Beside each gene or trait is shown several numbers which each represent the number of animals with specific forms of those that trait (color coded according to the legend). Click on a number to find the subset of with that characteristic in the normal/heterozygous, super/homozygous, or possible forms. Click on the trait name for a broader gene search. (An exception is that currently a search for a normal co/dominant gene will also return the super forms.)
  • Search: To search, simply type into the input at the top of the page (or in the mobile menu). For example, try "adult male pastel". It understands gene names, as well as some other terms like "male", "subadult", and "proven". By default it shows available items, but "sold" or "all" will include historical data. Ads can also be located directly by id by prefixing with the # sign as in "#1234".
  • Advanced Search: To perform more specific, guided searches, click the on the right of the search input. This provides many additional options for searching and sorting. The advanced options will be retained between searches, but will only be used if this window is shown when the search is executed.

How do I inquire about an animal?

Please read our step-by-step instruction on How to Buy.

How do I contact a breeder?

All communication on our site is through the messages system. Messages are initiated with an inquiry.

  • From a specific ad page, click "Inquire" to create a conversation with that seller to ask questions about that animal or find out how to purchase. This will send them an email.
  • You will get their response in an email and it will show up in your Messages page as well.
To learn more please read our step-by-step instruction on how our site works. You may also be able to find other forms of contact information on a seller's store page.

Can you export to my country?

This depends not on MorphMarket, but on the specific breeder you choose. You must understand that you are not buying from MorphMarket, but from a breeder. So you want to find a breeder on our site who exports to your country.

  • To see if a seller can export to you, visit their Store Page and look for your country under delivery options at the top.
  • When searching ads, you can filter search results by countries exported to using the advanced search.
  • Make sure to check the different MorphMarket regions as the search only looks within a single region. You can change regions using the flag in the upper left corner of the site.

Why are some prices black and some green?

Black prices indicate that the ad has been renewed and generally listed for a longer time. Green prices indicate the ad has not been renewed before.