What is MorphMarket Events?

MorphMarket Events is a new resource for herp lovers locate and engage more richly with industry events. Our initial focus is on expos, but it will later include other kinds of events and meetings.

It's designed to answer questions like:

  • What events are coming up?
  • Who's going to be there?
  • Which ones are near me?

At at the event, it's even more useful:

  • Which vendors are selling a species I'm interested in?
  • Where is a specific vendor in this room?
  • What do the parents of this animal look like?
  • Save an animal I might like to buy later
  • Follow a vendor so I can continue getting updates from them

Watch this demo to see what it's all about.

How do I get added to the vendor list for an event?

First, make sure you are already signed up with the event organization (e.g. NARBC). MorphMarket's only lists vendors who are already registered.

Afterward, navigate to the event on our site and search for yourself. It is possible that you are already listed as a vendor.

  • If we added you with your own MorphMarket account, then you are all set. You can manage events you are attending and indicate what categories of items you'll have.
  • If we created an account for you and we had your email, then you can claim this account by doing a password reset with that email address.
  • If that doesn't work, please contact us to claim this account so that you can update details like your categories and booth number.
  • If you're not yet on the event list at all, click the orange button to add yourself as a vendor. This will first prompt you to login and/or create a user account. Next, if you do not yet have a MorphMarket organization account, it will guide you to create one. After it is approved, you can add yourself to this event.

Once you have gone through this one time process, adding yourself to events will take only a few seconds.

What vendor features do I get as a free user?

Any organization registered for an expo or co-vending or subleasing a booth can be listed as a vendor. This listing includes the organization name, point of contact, booth position, and categories of items sold. Once you've claimed your organization, you can add update these values yourself.

What extra vendor features do I get as a MorphMarket member?

Our least expensive membership plan provides additional features such as:

  • Enhanced event listings with logo, detailed categories, additional notes, and web links
  • Link to your own Organization Profile with your logo, links, org description, events you're attending, and more

For animal breeders, enhanced event listings also include a link to your MorphMarket listings and ratings. Memberships include many other benefits beyond our new events system, as show on the page linked above.

Can I have multiple Store & Organization accounts?

If you own more than one company then you have two options:

First, you can utilize a single account. If you have a selling account on MorphMarket, it will permit you to sell animals, and you can also use this as your brand at events to sell other types of items and supplies. The benefit of this approach is that a single membership will provide features to both brands. Ratings accumulated from selling will also benefit your other brand.

If your brands are significantly different, we may approve multiple store/organization accounts. For instance, JT Tomlinson owns On The Ball Pythons as well as Reptichip, which are completely different companies. In this case, both may be registered independently.

How can I get my event listed?

Please contact [email protected] and let us know about the details of your event.