Messages and Email

How do I contact someone?

All communication on our site is through the messages system. Messages are initiated with an inquiry.

  • From a specific ad page, click "Inquire" to create a conversation with that seller to ask questions about that animal or find out how to purchase. This will send them an email.
  • You will get their response in an email and it will show up in your Messages page as well.
To learn more please read our step-by-step instruction on how our site works. You may also be able to find other forms of contact information on a seller's store page.

How do I respond to a message?

  • You will receive an email with that message. Just click reply.
  • You can also view and send messages on your Messages page.

How can I block someone?

If you are seller, you should go to your messages page, click reply and "Decline Inquiry". This closes the inquiry thread so that no more messages can be sent.

In all other situations, politely make it known that you would like to discontinue communication and stop sending messages. Oftentimes, a user will continue to reply, throwing more fuel on the fire, and wonder why the conflict continues to escalate. It usually takes two to fight, so just walk away.

If you feel you're being harassed after taking the above steps please contact us. We do not tolerate harassment and abuse on our website.

How do I update my email address?

Visit your User Settings to add a new email address, verify it, and set it as primary. You can then remove your old address.

Why does the email address that I'm replying to look strange?

  • When you click reply to a message, you should see an address like: . This is correct and is the unique identifier that will route your message to the other party in this conversation.
  • The actual direct email of the other party is not initially shown in order to reduce confusion on how to reply, however after the seller has replied once, the actual emails are revealed on the Messages page.

Why am I not getting emails anymore?

If you see messages on your Messages page, for which you have not received emails, they are most likely being blocked by your email provider's spam/junk/promotional filters.

First: Find and Reclassify Those Emails

  • Find the missing messages by searching the folders in your mail program to find the messages. Search for the phrase MorphMarket (one word) in your Spam/Junk, Promotional, and any other folders where it might have landed.
  • Make sure to check using your computer and not just your mobile phone. Multiple users have reported that the junk folder on their mobile phone was empty, but they found our email in junk when using their Computer.
  • Once you find the messages, mark them as "not spam" and move them to the correct folders to train your program.

Second: Whitelist Our Email Addresses

Third: VIP Addresses for iPhone Users

  • iPhone users of the Mail App should add the above addresses VIP addresses, which will star it, prevent spam and can even enable push notifications.
  • Here are the full directions. Thanks to Stephanie at Kirby's Creatures for this tip!

How can I send attachments?

Your emails cannot be larger than 10.0 MB including all attachments. Therefore, if you have four images which are 3 MB each, you should send them in two emails.

The Messages page will show that there were attachments, but you can only access them in email.

Why as a seller am I being told that I did not respond when I did respond?

If a reply is not sent back through our system after several days we will send the seller an automatic message to remind them. Each inquiry by a user on a different ad should receive a unique response.

Perhaps you responded to these emails another way, like phone. In this case, visit your messages page and click reply and "Responded Elsewhere." This will keep your account looking responsive to users and prevent future reminder emails.

Why could my message not be delivered?

  • Error E01: Unknown Inquiry ID: Please see this page on this error.
  • Error E02: Unknown Sender: Please see this page on this error.
  • Attachments: You can only attach up to 10.0 MB of attachments per message.

Why was my email reactivated?

Sometimes a user flags one of our emails as spam. This is usually unintentional, however it still hurts the reputation of our domain. As a result, our third party mail will put the flagger's email address on a "suppression list" and discontinue sending email to it to help prevent further spam complaints.

This can be confusing to our users, who stop receiving email after they've unknowingly flagged an email as spam. For this reason, we have created a system that monitors the suppression list and reactivates these email address up to once a week for a limited number of times.

When your email is reactivated, you will receive a notification so that you know this occurred. You should check the Messenger on our site to make sure you didn't miss any messages in the meantime.

If you have questions about how you flagged the email as spam, you should contact your email provider.