For detailed information, please refer to the Ratings Guide.

How do I leave a rating?

After a seller indicates that an item was sold to a user, that user will receive an email with a link to create a rating. However, buyers can also leave ratings even when the seller has not yet taken this step. Please read about the Rating Process for detailed instructions.

Note only transactions that began with an inquiry are eligible for ratings. Read more.

How can I leave or receive a rating for a purchase made outside the inquiry system?

We realize that sometimes buyers find ads on MorphMarket and contact the sellers directly via text or Facebook. Unfortunately, only transactions that involve a MorphMarket inquiry are eligible for ratings on our site. The reason is that we have no visibility into such transactions. This makes an already difficult problem of quality control completely impossible.

Can my ratings include feedback from the Inquiry Survey system?

Past positive and negative Inquiry Survey Feedback that a store has accumulated are not eligible as ratings. The Ratings system has a higher standard and requires confirmed purchases. The older system did not limit feedback to buyers. Also, the terms by which users provided that feedback in the old system stated that it would be kept privately on file, and thus it cannot be used in this manner. That data is still on file, however, and can be used to the full extent for which it was collected.

Why is my rating not showing up?

This could be caused by several reasons. Look at the rating on your ratings page to determine its current status. It could be pending confirmation by the seller. It may have lost in a dispute process.

Or it may be in reserved status.

Is there anything I can do to convert my reserved rating to be visible?

First, please read about what reserved ratings are and why they exist in the ratings documentation. The short answer is there are no actions you can take at this time to affect this.

One thing that will cause ratings to be reserved is if the rater has their ratings disabled. If they will not display their ratings publicly then they cannot leave public rating feedback either.

Why can ratings and comments not be revised?

We encourage users to wait until the item has been paid in full and delivered so that they have all the information they need to leave an accurate rating. For this reason we give users up to 90 days to create a review after the initial inquiry OR the animal has been marked as sold.

Modifying ratings and previous comments would create a lot of confusion. We also want to discourage rating retaliation, or the adjustment of ratings due to other ratings. However, as we do want to encourage problems to be worked out, we allow the buyer to revise their overall rating upward as well as leave an additional comment.

Why is my inquiry too old to create a rating?

We allow users 90 days from the time of their inquiry OR from the time which the animal is marked as sold to leave a rating. This period is long enough to accommodate the vast majority of purchases. If a seller wishes to extend the rating period they may mark the animal as sold to that user again.

The most accurate ratings can be left when the experience is still fresh in both the mind of the buyer and seller. Also, if there are disagreements then they are best sorted out around the time of purchase. This may be why other sites like Ebay have the same type of policy.

An additional reason we do not allow unbounded ratings is to protect sellers from negative ratings about health issues that arise well after the purchase. Once sold, the well-being of the animal is largely out of the control of the seller and is more a function of the owner's care.

Can a rating be created if a buyer does not complete their payment plan?

This scenario does not meet the requirements of the ratings system, which include a completed payment and a delivered item.

What should I do if I payed for an animal in full but never receive it?

Sometimes delays are normal, especially around bad weather conditions in the winter. However, concerns about scams should be reported directly to us.

What should I do if the buyer files a charge-back after I have left a positive rating?

Unprovoked charge-backs should be reported to directly to [email protected]

As a seller, I don't believe I was fairly rated. What can I do?

While MorphMarket does not interfere in the rating process (with a few exceptions), we have created the following options to address this situation:

  1. If possible, try to address the buyer's concerns on the side. After the initial rating, they are still able to revise their rating by raising the overall score as well as leave additional comments.
  2. Respectfully tell your side of the story by replying to each of the feedback comments.
  3. If you need more space to explain, create a thread in a supported forum with more details and link the rating to it for future readers to see.
  4. While it won't change your rating, you can also leave a Rating for the buyer as well.
  5. Take comfort knowing that even the best services receive a negative rating occasionally. People understand this and will interpret it in the context of other ratings. Make sure to mark all your items as sold to the buyers to encourage other ratings.