For detailed information, please refer to the Seller's Guide. You can find much of that same information in our Seller Video Tutorials.

Who can sell on this site?

Anyone who's fair and honest can sell on MorphMarket. You don't have to be a breeder or have a registered business.

Read Start Selling for instructions on how to get started.

How do I start selling on this site?

  • Read our Start Selling guide to get a seller's account created and approved.
  • Read our and/or watch the 15 minutes of video tutorials found there for more details.

Why is my store not showing up in the Seller's Directory?

Being in the Seller Directory of a mature market is a feature of the Basic Membership package.

Your ads still show up as normal, of course, and your store page can be accessed via the ads.

Where's the new ad I created?

Here's a checklist of reasons why you might not be able to find an ad you just created. Details about these topics are found in text and videos in relevant section of the Seller's Guide.

  • Our website stores the results of specific searches for up to 30 minutes of time. This does not include your inventory view.
  • It may take up to 2 hours for the trait index page to refresh its counts and include your item. If there were none of this trait before, that label won't be seen until this time.
  • Did you add genes and/or traits to the ad?
  • Did you ad a photo to the ad? If not it will be found much lower in the rankings.
  • Did you put an ID on the ad? If not, it will not be discoverable in certain searches such as 'latest ads'-type searches. Explained in detail here.
  • Is the ad expired? This shouldn't be true for a brand new ad.
  • Is your account approved for selling? If not you'll have a big red warning on your inventory page.

Generally, it can take up to a couple of hours before ads show up in all the searches and indexes. After waiting this time period, if you still don't see your ad, please specify which ad and the exact URL on our site you expect to see the ad to get the quickest answer.

Why doesn't my heterozygous animal show up?

  • Genes refer to a genetic characteristic such as albino. Traits refer to a specific expression of this gene such as het albino, possible het albino, or visual albino.
  • A gene search will return any animal with the albino gene, whereas a trait search will only return the animals with that type of expression.
Here are ways users will find heterozygous albinos:
  • Gene index: by clicking het albino, or by clicking the label "albino" (all albinos).
  • Basic search or Advanced Search: by typing "het albino", "100% het albino", etc.

Can I use the MorphMarket Logo?

If you are a MorphMarket seller, you may use the MorphMarket logo alongside your brand logo on your booth setup, marketing materials, merch, etc.

You can find both the black and white versions of our full and abbreviated logos in this Google Drive folder. We provide both high resolution PNGs as well as scalable SVG graphics. SVGs are generally best if you can use them.

You should also consider using the QR Code which you can customize to point to your store or listings. You will find this at the bottom of your Seller Profile settings page.

If you have any questions about other use cases, please contact support.

How do I go about shipping a live reptile?

Please read our guide on How to Ship Live Reptiles.