Problems with Ads or Other Users

How can I report an ad for some kind of problem?

Please visit the ad page and click the 'Report' button (next to 'Like' and 'Share'). This way your message will clearly identify which ad you are referring to.

Why have I not heard back from a Seller?

Most breeders have other full-time jobs and families, so sometimes life gets in the way of a quick response. However, most inquiries receive responses within 24 hours. We send a reminder to them after 48 hours. After that, non-responses are factored into their responsiveness score which is displayed on their store page and whenever you inquire. We follow-up ourselves with sellers who maintain a pattern of non-responsiveness and possibly remove them from our site.

If you'd like to ensure that you didn't miss any responses due to spam filtering by your email provider, check on your messages page.

Our site has thousands of sellers so we recommend you send a couple of inquiries on items from other sellers. Vote with your dollar.

How can I block someone?

Please see this answer in the Messages section.

Why do you allow ads without pictures?

  • First, we totally agree on the importance of pictures. Morphs are about the visual appeal, and why would you buy something that you can't see. Of course if you are interested in such an ad the first thing you should do is to request a picture.
  • For that reason, our ranking algorithm always puts ads without pictures in last place. As soon as you hit ads with pics, feel free to treat that as the last result page. In this way you aren't wasting any time.
  • Realize that the alternative is not more ads with pictures, it's just less inventory for you to search. Sometimes in a breeder in the craziness of hatching season may not have had time yet to take pictures. We believe the average buyer who is hunting for a very specific morph will be happier to have access to this listing than nothing at all.
  • That's why we think the ranking penalty is the best overall solution. If you think differently, let us know why!