Seller's Guide

You are currently not Logged in or you have not enabled your Seller Profile yet. This guide assumes you have already taken the steps to Start Selling.

The following guide contains videos covering most of the core content, with those same instructions and more in text.

Please be aware of the Rules for our site.

Quick Start

This video will walk you through setting up your profile and posting your first ad. For the most up to date instructions on creating a selling account read Start Selling.

Video: Creating Your First Ad

Seller Menu Options

All of your seller/store management options are located under your username in the upper-righthand corner (found in the pop-out menu for mobile). You must be first logged in. Here you can go to your current Animals, Seller Profile, or even this Seller's Guide.

Seller Profile

Your virtual store on MorphMarket has the following information associated with it, which can be changed in Edit Profile.

The seller profile is publicly visible. Please do not put anything here you would not like buyers on the web to see.
Full name of your store.
Short name to identify your store on product thumbnails and other places. This is ideally 1-2 words or an acronym.
Your first and last name.
Your city, or one you choose to indicate as your location. If you are on the European continent, you will shop up on our European site, otherwise, on the USA site.
Email address for the system and buyers to contact you. Must be a verified email address in your account.
Phone number to be reached at by buyers. Enter digits only.
Home Page
If your business has a website.
Facebook Page
If your business has a Facebook Page.
Options for buyers to receive your product. Local pickup means they come to you. Regional shipping means within your state and possibly your region (Europe). You can add more details in your Policy section.
If applicable, select all countries that you can internationally export to.
Payment Plans
Check the box if you offer payment plans, and indicate the minimum price of an item for a plan.
Currency of your ads. Changing this will update your ads. Buyers still see price in their preferred currency.
General description about your business, such as your background, expertise, and uniqueness. Whatever you'd like to convey to potential buyers.
Any technical/logistical details buyers should know about your policies and processes (see below for more details).
Store Logo
Square graphic design for your company.
Ad Defaults
Values to be pre-populated in ads you create.
Inquiry Settings
Affect communication with buyers, such as setting away status or message.

Your Seller Profile is accessible from the Stores/Breeders page and also from any ad you post. Your Seller Profile will also show a few thumbnails of some of your most expensive Reptiles with pictures.

Rules and Guidelines

Due to the length and significance of the rules, they are now on their own page here.

Store Policy

As explained in the rules, sellers are responsible for delivering service according to their own clearly defined Store Policy as written at the time of a sale. In addition, they are required to abide by MorphMarket’s Default Store Policy except where they have overridden it with their custom policy and/or written communication to the buyer by the time of the sale. The Default Policy is subject to change, and it is therefore recommended that a Seller carefully read it and override its terms in their own Policy.

For example, store policy should address issues such as:

  • What portion of payment is refundable, if any?
  • What period of time a customer has to report issues pertaining to the identity, health, and attributes of an animal received.
  • What occurs in the event of a shipping problem which is not a result of negligence of the seller?

Tips for Maximizing Your Success

Below are a few quick tips. For more ideas, watch this video.
  • Take great looking pictures (tips video).
  • Set prices competitively. Use our advanced search to find the most similar animals in terms of sex, genes and maturity. You need not be the lowest price, but you might not want to be much over the alternatives either without clear justification in your ads.
  • Be the first to respond to user's inquiries, as they are sometimes inquiring about several similar animals at once.
  • While inquiries should come to your email inbox, be familiar with how to access messages on our site. This gives you a way to always view and send messages even if you're having trouble with email. You can decrease the chance of mail problems by whitelisting MorphMarket in your Spam filters.
  • Use Animal IDs on your ads to maximize your ad's distribution through our MorphReport emails, Latest search, and in Facebook featured postings.
  • Provide details and description about your animals. If the animal is special make sure to explain this in the description.
  • Make sure each ad is tagged with its exact genes.
  • Feature higher-end animals with a video.
  • Share your ad on Facebook and elsewhere by Exporting your Animals.
  • Fill out your store profile fully with detail about yourself and policies.
  • Keep your animals up to date. Sellers with bigger inventories can use Import to Synchronize their latest Price List.
  • Connect your Google or Facebook account so you can login with just 1 click.
  • Consider becoming a MorphMarket member. Members receive numerous advantages and support MorphMarket at the same time.

Animal IDs

Video: Using Animal IDs

You can place ads on MorphMarket with or without Animal IDs, but these ids are strongly recommended as you will gain the following benefits:

  1. Your new ads will be broadcast to a much larger audience through parts of our website, email, and social media which alert buyers to new listings.
  2. You can repeatedly import the same ads and they will be synchronized with existing ones, meaning images will not be lost and you will avoid creating duplicate listings.

What are Permanent and Unique Animal IDs?

The Animal ID is like a serial number that is permanent and unique to your animal/ad. Permanent means once assigned you will never use another ID for this animal/ad. Unique means you cannot use it for more than one animal, including across categories (if you sell more than one kind of animal).

Animal IDs may consist of letters, numbers, and some characters ("-/._"). Spaces are not allowed and letters are not case-sensitive ("pas" and "PAS" are the same).

You can create Animal IDs however you like, but we recommend finding a consistent readable style that describes the animals. For example, you might label a 2015 female bumblebee as "15F-PAS-SPI-1". If you had a second you could then name it "15F-PAS-SPI-2" and so on.


MorphMarket provides powerful tools for promoting your animals for sale, but to do so we must be able to tell the difference between existing ads being updated and brand new ads. Synchronizing an imported Price List to your existing Animals is a difficult problem without the use of unique Animal IDs. Seller-provided Animal IDs, we believe, reduce the chance of an error by either MorphMarket or a seller in accidentally re-publishing the same ad.

Why must Animal IDs be permanent?

Permanent means once assigned you will never use another Animal ID for this animal/ad. Because MorphMarket uses Animal IDs to recognize and publish new ads, if one was to change the ID on an ad then it would appear to be new and would be republished.

The first time a seller reassigns an ID we will assume an accident and a warning will be given. Further abuses will result in consequences, possibly including account termination.

Adding, Importing and Updating Animals

To add items to your Animals you can either use the Add form to add one item at a time or you can use the more powerful Import form to add many items at once. Once you have added or imported an item, you can modify it or you can replace it with a new import.

Adding a Single Ad

Adding items is very straightforward. The main thing to know is you can only add one item at a time. Add, like Import, is found on the menu as well as on Animal Manager page.

Bulk Import

The alternative to adding items one by one is to Bulk Import using a Price List. Import allows you to create & manage all of your animals at the same time. In the past import was the most efficient way to manage a lot of data. However with the improvements to our animal manager, it’s really just as easy to edit them right in our system. For that reason, you no longer need to use import to be an effective MorphMarket user but this capability is still available. The video and text below explain how to do this.

Video: Bulk Import & Export 2.0

Import 2.0 supports Comma Separated Value (CSV) and Tab Separated Value (TSV) file formats (as well as JSON if you are a programmer). These are typical formats for tabular or table-like data, arranged into rows and columns. In tabular files, the first line or row of your input is the header. The header defines the list of fields which you are going to provide for each ad on the remaining lines of the input. In this way, you can define only the fields you care about and in whatever order you choose, as long as you are consistent.

For example, the the following is what a minimal input could look like, by providing all the required fields:

Category Title Maturity Price Animal_ID
Ball Python Pastel Clown Baby $375 2021-01
Ball Python Leopard Clown Baby $1375 2021-02

We recommend using the free spreadsheet Google Sheets (or a similar application like Excel). With Sheets, when you copy-and-paste the data it will be formatted as TSV. Here is a sample template. You cannot modify this spreadsheet, but from the menu select: File -> Make a Copy, and then you can edit. You can also continue to use a plain text editor by separating your values with commas (the CSV format), but it is much easier to manage this with a spreadsheet.

Tips on Migrating from 1.0 to 2.0.

  • We recommend that you begin using a spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Excel to manage your price list. These programs allow you to easily work with data in rows and column and output the CSV and TSV data formats. It is possible create CSV with a text editor but it is not worth it. It is not difficult to learn and is highly useful. There are lots of resources on the web.
  • Add a header as the first row in your price list. Headers were not used in Import 1.0. The header defines what type of data a column contains (e.g., Category, Title, Maturity, etc.).
  • Make sure to use Animal IDs if you were not already. They are now required.
  • Section headers are no longer supported, and these values should be copied across all rows.

The following is a full list of the supported fields and their allowed values. Note that a handful of these fields will utilize the defaults set under your Ad Settings on your Seller Profile if they are not provided in your input.

Category for the ad. [REQUIRED]
Type: text
Example: ball python
Headline for this ad. [REQUIRED]
Type: text
Example: Firefly Ball Python
Uniquely identifies this animal within your inventory. Often formed from Year of Birth, Clutch/Litter Number, and Sex. [REQUIRED]
Type: text
Supported Values: Letters, numbers, or symbols (-/._), but no spaces are allowed.
Example: 2021-C1-M2
Broad classification of age of animal. [REQUIRED]
Type: text
Supported Values: Baby|Juvenile, Subadult, Adult
Example: adult
Price (not including shipping), or 'inquire' if it's supported by your plan. Currency determined by setting in Seller Profile. This is a REQUIRED value for for sale and sold animals only.
Type: text
Example: 1500
State of item (aka 'availability'). Note that this will not remove existing ads unless you are using a Replacement import operation.
Type: text
Default: for sale
Supported Values: For Sale, Not For Sale, Sold, On Hold, Loaned, Archived, Deleted
Example: for sale
Who can see this item.
Type: text
Default: public
Supported Values: Public, Unlisted, Private
Example: private
Whether this ad is active or inactive.
Type: text
Default: active
Supported Values: Active, Inactive, Expired
Example: active
Sex of animal.
Type: text
Supported Values: Male|M, Female|F, or blank for Unsexed.
Example: male
Date of birth of animal.
Type: text
Supported Values: YYYY, MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD.
Example: 02-28-2008
Current weight of the animal in grams.
Type: number
Example: 150
Quantity of animals.
Type: text
Default: 1
Supported Values: A single number or sex-dot notation (male.female.unsexed).
Example: 1
ID for offspring birth group (i.e., clutch/litter).
Type: text
Supported Values: Letters, numbers, or symbols (-/._), but no spaces are allowed.
Example: 2015-9
Genetics for this animal. Not needed unless you want to override the traits automatically extracted from the Title.
Type: text
Supported Values: Space-separated listing of traits.
Example: pastel pinstripe clown
Links to one or more photos to be used. Will be downloaded within the next hour or so. Using drag-and-drop to attach images after ads are created is recommended instead.
Type: text
Default: []
Supported Values: Web URL(s) beginning with http:// or https:// and ending with an image type (e.g., .PNG or .JPG). If multiple URLs then separated by spaces.
Link to a YouTube/Vimeo* video featuring this particular animal.
Type: text
Supported Values: Web URL beginning with http:// or https://
Description of this item.
Type: text
Example: Fantastic eater and very docile.
Length of animal in the units given in the Length_Type field.
Type: number
Example: 1.2
Units described the the Length field.
Type: text
Supported Values: total_length_m, total_length_cm, snout_to_vent_m, snout_to_vent_cm
Example: total_length_m
Whether this animal has reproduced.
Type: text
Supported Values: True|T|Yes|Y or False|F|No|N
Example: yes
Ad is group/lot type ad (if multiple quantity), rather than being sold individually.
Type: text
Supported Values: True|T|Yes|Y or False|F|No|N
Example: True
Whether the item was produced by you, someone else domestically, wild caught or imported.
Type: text
Supported Values: Self Produced, Domestically Produced, Wild Caught, Imported
Example: domestically produced
Primary form of this animal's food.
Type: text
Supported Values: ?, Live, Frozen/Thawed, Pre-Killed
Example: live
Primary food type for this animal.
Type: text
Supported Values: ?, Rat, Mouse, Soft-Furred Rat, Mealworm, Cricket, Roach, Meal Replacement, Dry Feed, Vegetables, Quail, Rabbit, Chicken, Guinea Pig, Pig, Lamb, Goat, Other
Example: rat
Minimum shipping price, without currency.
Type: number
Example: 50.0
Maximum shipping price, without currency.
Type: number
Example: 100.0
If this ad is using a representative photo, meaning the actual animal is not pictured.
Type: text
Supported Values: True|T|Yes|Y or False|F|No|N
Example: False
Ad price is flexible. Supported values: firm, negotiable.
Type: text
Supported Values: Unspecified, Firm Price, Will Consider
Example: True
Trades are being considered.
Type: text
Supported Values: True|T|Yes|Y or False|F|No|N
Example: True

Importing Your Price List

Once you've created your Price List, there are a few ways to import.

  • Copy and paste it into Import screen
  • Click "upload file" and select your file
  • Drag and drop your file onto the text area

There are two import modes available: .

  • Synchronize: Synchronize will align your input Price List to your Animals using Animal IDs, and update them using the Price List values. Most values will be overwritten by the input even if the input value is blank. Several fields including images and description will not be unset. Synchronize even searches sold, archived, and deleted ads, since Animal IDs are permanent, and will bring them back to an active state.
  • Synchronize/Replace: Like, Sync, but in addition if any existing ads are not found in the listing being imported, it will archive them.

After importing, you will be prompted to correct any errors. Any lines which were not understood will be displayed in red. Make changes to these lines or remove them, and re-submit. Select the checkbox to ignore errors. It's recommended you modify your original copy and re-paste it in order to have it corrected for next time. Next, The system will next take you back to the Animal Manager where you should double-check for any mistakes.

Verifying Your Import

After you have imported, you will be returned to the Animal Manager where you should double-check for any mistakes. Modify any of your items which need changes or corrections. In particular, if you did not provide image URLs you will want to read the next section on how to add images.

Viewing Animals

Video: The Animal Manager

The Animal Manager displays your animal data. Clicking orange link or pencil on any row will allow you to Modify that animal. In addition, there are other actions found at the side of the row for actions such as cloning animals and removing animals. Actions include:

Public View
See the ad as a user sees it.
Renew and/or un-expire an ad. Turns green once renewal is allowed (read more below under Ad Renewal and Expiration)
Remove an item by marking it as sold or deleting it.
Tip: You can drag & drop images onto the rows on the Animal Manager!

If you make changes here, don't forget to make them in your Price List file as well, so that it will be up-to-date for future Imports. You can also Export your Animals to produce an up to date Price List, which can be re-imported.

Where's my New Ad?

Our FAQ has a checklist of possible reasons.


After importing a Price List, you will still want to add photos to your ads.

Video: Adding Photos

There are several ways to add photos to your ads.

  • File Chooser: In the manager, you can click on the image or image placeholder to upload an image. You can also manage images on the Modify ad page you can click the gray photo area to browse and select images.
  • Drag & Drop: You can drag and drop images from your desktop or a file system folder to the Animal Manager (see limitations below). This is the fastest approach since you don't have to modify each ad individually. As you drag (before you drop) you should see the target row being highlighted. Note: dragging directly from other applications like a photo program will likely not work.
    • The photo icon on each row (if present) will tell you that ad's photo status.
      • This ad has a photo. Drag & drop will replace it.
      • Uploading is in progress, until it turns green.
      • You've successfully updated this photo.
      • There was a problem with the upload. Try from the modify page instead to get more information about the error.
    • You can also drag and drop onto the gray photo area on the Modify ad page.
  • URL Link: From the Modify ad or Import pages you can provide a URL link to your photos already on the web.
Tip: We recommend using images which are about 1500px on the longer edge (e.g., 1500x1000). Images larger than this will not provide any additional benefit.


  • Drag and drop support is not available for older browsers.
  • Currently each ad can have one photo at most, but this will be expanded later.
  • Images cannot be larger than 10.0 megabytes or larger than 20 megapixels in resolution (width x height).
  • Image URL Links provided in import will be automatically downloaded within about an hour.

Representative Photos

As described in our Rules, ads for live animals must display each and every exact animal for sale in the ad's photograph(s) unless the Representative Photos feature is used by unchecking the box next to quantity for "Exact Items are All Pictured". A Representative Photo is an image of a different animal produced by you which is of the exact same genetics as one being advertised.

We generally discourage the use of representative photos because every animal is unique and buyers want to see the exact animal before they purchase. In addition, failing to clearly disclose the use of representative photos is misleading if not dishonest, and will often result in very upset buyers. On the other hand, we understand that it is more convenient for sellers to sometimes advertise multiple animals through a single ad without taking individual photos up front. For these reasons our policy is a compromise. We allow representative photos which we clearly communicate to buyers, but limit their usage to a subset of our members.

If your plan does not allow Representative Photos, you must picture each and every animal in your photo(s). If your plan allows your ad to represent a multiple quantity of animals but only a single photo, you must picture all of those animals in a single photo or splice several photos together. Alternatively you may list these in seperate ads.


Videos are one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Standard and higher memberships can provide videos to feature their store as well as specific ads. Ad videos should be sure to include that specific animal, not just a generic video.

Videos can be hosted on either a free YouTube or Vimeo account. Just paste the video URL into the Store or Ad page.

  • With Youtube, from the video page, click "share" then "embedded" and that URL: For older videos, the browser link should work:
  • With Vimeo, make sure to us the embedded URL format:

Offspring Groups

Video: Offspring Groups

Offspring Groups allow you to record and display your clutches and litters. This is a great way to keep track the lineage of your animals and add value to your brand and advertisements. Watch the video above for details.


Seller Directory

The MorphMarket Seller Directory is the listing of Stores that you can find under any category on our site. For example, if you're in the Boa Constrictors area, it will show the currently active Boa Constrictor sellers.

The requirements for being listed in the directory vary by category. In Developing Markets, we list all active sellers. For Mature Markets, the directory contains all our members of any plan level. In the top level Reptiles directory, we list all our members plus any sellers who are only actively selling in a Developing Market. Read our blog entry on Marketplaces for more about market differences.

There is a membership feature called Branded Seller Directory that is available in the Standard and higher plans (as pictured above). This type of entry receives a larger space and promotes your brand visually with its logo. The branded entries are also placed before all the unbranded entries. The specific order of branded sellers is not based on alphabet and will change periodically. Members can configure this using the logo option on the Seller Profile page.

Exporting Animals

You can export your Animals in several formats including CSV or TSV (for Excel/spreadsheets) and JSON. The export option is available from the menu or as a button on the Animal Manager.


Posting your ads on Facebook is as easy. The first way is by clicking the "share" link right below the photo on your ad page. The second way is by just copying and pasting the URL link for your ad on MorphMarket. If using this method, make sure to press enter twice after the link, and wait for the image to show up when posting. The ad will look something like this, and link back to your ad.

You can advertise your store on Facebook in a similar way. Use the "share" button at the top of your store page.

You can also advertise your store on Facebook by pasting the link to your store page. If you have a store logo set it will show this as the image. NOTE: If you have changed your logo but it's still not showing up try fetching new scrape information for your URL.

Also, if you do not have a website, you can use your MorphMarket store as your Website on Facebook. On your Facebook Business Page, click About, then on Page Info, you will find Website near the bottom. Your store's address will look like:


The MorphReport is our email newsletter sent out each morning on both a daily and weekly basis. It contains new listings from our member sellers.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe for the report under your User Settings. Which reports you will receive is determined by your Buying and Selling interests on your User Profile.

Each report will include ads that are new or renewed since the last report was sent out. The ads also must at that time have an Animal ID and Photo.

Marketing Graphics

Idea 1: Consider using the QR Code which you can customize to point to your store or listings. You will find this at the bottom of your Seller Profile settings page.

Idea 2: Check out this help item for a link to high resolution MorphMarket logos.

Idea 3: On the left is a button that any seller can use to point right at your store (this one points at OTBP). Paying users (aka members) may use the button on the right as a well.

MorphMarket ball pythons for sale MorphMarket ball pythons for sale

Just embed one this HTML in your page, and make sure to replace the YOUR_USERNAME with your actual username (use `MMButtonMember.png` instead for the right button).

<a href=""><img src="" alt="MorphMarket reptiles for sale" title="MorphMarket link" style="height:40px; display:block;"></a>

In the settings of some forums like, you can customize your Signature to use the MorphMarket button, again linked to your store.


Communicating with Customers


By publishing your Animals as For Sale/Public/Active, you are making your product available for buyers to find in their searches, by browsing morphs, and through your store page. Your ads have an Inquire to Buy button which easily allows buyers to send you a message about purchasing this item. These messages will be both sent to your email address and be available on your Messages Page on our site.

Responding to Customers

Users may also contact you by other channels using contact information on your Store Page such as your phone number or Facebook page. Your email is concealed to protect it from spammers. These inquires are outside our messages system.

For any inquiry that comes through our messages system, you need to respond once by replying to that email or on our messages page so that MorphMarket knows you received the inquiries. If you have already contacted them in another way (e.g., phone), you still need to either use the 'Already Responded' Quick Reply button on the messages page or send a short message to notify our system. If you do not reply, it will possibly in the short term impact your Responsiveness Rating. All of this is described below in more detail.

The next two sections discuss two ways to manage your messages: on our site and by email. You will likely use both at times.

Responding via Email

Our messages system uses a 2-way email relay to improve deliverability and protect against abuse. When you receive an email inquiry, click 'Reply' and it will be sent back to us with an address like:

This is the address you want to reply to. Use your email program as you normally would to communicate with the buyer. This will likely handle most of your communications, but sometimes you will need additional information (such as the buyer's email address) or functionality and this is provided on the Messages Page as explained next.

Responding via the Messages Page

You can privately access all of your messages sent through our system on your Messages Page. This can be useful if you are having problems with your email or you want to use a 'Quick Reply' action.

To expand messages click the dots icon or click the message. To reveal reply options, click the arrow icon. In general you will type a custom message into the text and press 'Send'.

The user's email address will be visible here once you have responded to the inquiry one time through our system. This can be useful for later sending an invoice.

Quick Replies are buttons that perform templated responses and other actions for certain scenarios:

  • Already Responded: Let the messages system know you're on top of it. This will not send an email.
  • Sold to Them: Indicate that this buyer purchased the item. This will not send an email.
  • No Longer Available: Send an email, mark item as sold, and close the thread. If you want to follow up that you have something related available, send a custom message instead of taking this action.
  • Decline Inquiry: Send an email and close the thread. This is the way to respond promptly that you're not interested, for whatever reason. Buyers will generally not like this, so please use sparingly and prefer a custom message.
  • Block User: Automatically closes all open threads and prevents the user from creating any new inquiries to you.
Some actions close the thread, which means that neither party will be able to send additional responses.

Knowing Your Customer

To learn more about the user who has sent an inquiry, access their user profile. In email, you will find a link near in the footers of the email which will also display their real name and zipcode if known. On the messages page, you can click on the username to visit their User Profile. User Profiles are only visible to sellers that the user has contacted.

The User Profile gives the user an opportunity to communicate to you about themselves. First, we ask all users to provide their name and general location information. The purpose of this information is to save you time by having this information readily available. This information and more is available to all contacted sellers.

Next, we optionally ask them to provide other details like their age, phone number, a description of their experience and interest in reptiles, and other links. This extended profile is only visible to MorphMarket members. We also include some high level stats about their activity. The point of these stats is to build your confidence and trust in them as a qualified buyer, while respecting their privacy. This is a feature some users may choose to opt out of but we have cautioned them against it.

As indicated on the profile page and detailed in our Rules, we expect sellers to keep this information in strict confidence. You may only use it for the purpose of responding to their inquiry to you. Also, please note that we have no way to verify the accuracy of what they have shared.

Additional Recommendations

  • Reply to the user at the top of the email. In other words, don't "inline" your responses into the text that they wrote.
  • You may attach up to 20 MB of photos to your emails, but we recommend attaching less than 15 MB at a time. If you need to share more images, we suggest adding more photos to your ad (coming soon), sharing via, linking to cloud storage (such as Google Drive), or emailing them directly.
  • Whitelist MorphMarket's email addresses to reduce the change of it discarding our messages as spam as explained whitelisting.
  • Send yourself a test inquiry via one of your ads on the site. You should receive it within a couple of minutes at most. If you never receive an inquiry, follow the directions in our Mail Help.

Find answers to more questions about our Mail System in the Help Center.

Benefits of the Messages System

Email is inherently unreliable. It can be overlooked or blocked by any number of systems between the buyer and seller's inboxes. This is why we have followed other major marketplace/classifieds websites in implementing this system. It provides many benefits:

  • Inquiries which receive no response can generate alerts and reminders.
  • Inquiries that are "lost" can be better traced and diagnosed. We no longer need to rely on a buyer's word as to whether a seller responded.
  • Ability for users to login and view messages which they might have otherwise missed.
  • Messages are less likely to get blocked and/or lost by spam filters.
  • A seller's prompt response times can be displayed as a selling point.
  • Records in the event of a dispute.
  • Ability to better protect our members against fraud, abuse, spam, and other violations of MorphMarket's policies.

Responsiveness Rating

The responsiveness rating describes how consistently a seller has recently responded to inquiries. This is a great opportunity to shine by trying to maintain an average response time of a day or less, but our main goal is to warn buyers about sellers who are not responding at all.

This responsiveness rating is determined by the percentage of inquiries that you respond to through our messages system. It also captures how quickly you sent those responses. There is some grace here: not referring to an occasional inquiry will not hurt your score. Also, it it is only calculated based on the past few inquiries, so slower responses or non-responses will only affect the rating temporarily.

We understand that sometimes it's easy to miss an inquiry email, and so after 48 hours of not hearing back, we will send you a reminder about inquiries not responded to. You can simply reply to that email to write them.

Remember that even if you have replied by some other channel or don't want to engage at all, you still need to take an action on each inquiry to let our system know. You can do so using the Quick Reply buttons such as "Replied Elsewhere" or "Decline Inquiry".

If a seller has a very low responsiveness score on multiple inquiries, we will first post a notice for them to see on our website. If they remain unresponsive for 6 days, we will send an email notifying them. After 14 days, our system will automatically expire their ads. These notices are in addition to the individual email reminders mentioned above.

If you find that your ads have been expired, it's easy to renew them by using the Renew action on the Animal Manager. However, please work to address whatever communication issues led to the unresponsiveness, so that the users of our site can have a great experience.

Away Status

During periods when you are unable to do business as usual, you can enable Away Status on your Store Profile page along with a custom message. This is appropriate for circumstances such as when you are traveling or due to prolonged weather conditions preventing shipping. Away Status has the following effects:

  • When a user inquires on your ad, they are informed you are away and to expect delayed response times. They are also shown your custom message.
  • You will receive inquiries like usual during this period, but we won't send you any reminders.
  • Inquiries you receive during this time period won't be factored into your responsiveness score.

Inquiry Message

Premium or higher accounts have a feature which enables the setting of a message which is shown to users when they click inquire. This message can be used to convey additional ordering instructions and may contain links. Read more about it here.

Closing the Sale

Due to the complexities of live animals and shipping, MorphMarket does not provide a "Shopping Cart" or "Buy It Now", but instead directs the buyer to you. You may close successful inquiries directly in whatever method you are accustomed to using, such as PayPal or credit card over the phone.


We expect our sellers to follow best practices while shipping to their customers. Please read our guide on How to Ship Live Reptiles.

We recommend using ShipYourReptiles. You can save 45% off the Fedex rate on your first shipment with coupon code MORPH45.

Changing Item Availability

Besides being available, ads can be put into several other states. You can mark an ad as sold, hide it, or delete it if created in error.

Attributing a Sale

When you mark an item as sold, you can assign a specific user who inquried about the ad or indicate it was sold elsewhere.

There are several ways to indicate a sale:

  • From the Animal Manager view, use Remove to mark any as sold or archived.
  • From an inquiry's message page, use Quick Reply option Sold to Them or No Longer Available.
  • If you use Import, you can synchronize your up to date list and missing ads will be marked as sold.
  • To remove all ads at once, choose "Import" then choosing "Delete All".

Indicating a sale to a user will allow you to leave ratings for each other. Assignment to a buyer is irreversible so wait until you have received payment in full. You can also choose 'Other User' or 'Hide' and assign to them later.

Read more about the rating process in our guide.

Other Availability Choices

Besides available or sold, you have a few other options:

  • On Hold: You can mark an item as On Hold while a sale is pending. From the modify ad page, click the checkbox for "on hold" next to availability, at the very bottom. Alternatively, if importing, you can write ON HOLD (all caps) on a row in your Price List.
  • Hidden/Expired: Hide from search results and listings. From the modify ad page, click the checkbox for "hidden/expired" next to availability, at the very bottom. You can hide ads to change which ads you are displaying to users within a limited store capacity. To quickly unhide/un-expire, click the Refresh action on the Animal Manager.

Ad Renewal and Expiration

Ads are eligible for renewal every several weeks depending on your plan level. When renewed, they jump to the front of some listings and are reshared in the MorphReport. Standard and higher members also have an auto-renew feature that will automatically renew as soon possible. Renewing is easy. From the Animal Manager, use the Renew action. If it's not enabled, it's not ready for renewal yet.

If an ad is not renewed for several weeks after it is eligible, we'll automatically expire it. If this happens, you can restore it by simply clicking the green renewal icon.

Another reason your ad can become expired is if your store is over capacity. This can happen when you let your membership lapse. We automatically expire some ads to bring it down to your current limits. If you renew your membership, you can quickly reactivate these ads.

Finally, you might choose to expire ads yourself in order to change which ones are visible to users within your limited capacity or for other reasons. See changing item availability above.

Store Capacity

Capacity refers the amount of allowed animals in Listings or Collection, as determined by a MorphMarket member's plan level. These limits well as other benefits shown on the pricing page. The FAQ at the bottom of the page gives more details about how these are calculated.

For some plans, there is a maximum dollar amount for Listings. In this calculation, each individual listing is capped at a maximum value of $10,000. This means that no listing will add more than $10,000 toward the total. "Inquire for price" ads are also assessed at $10,000 each. For this reason, a seller might have $90,000 of listings in 3 ads, but the total capped value which is used is only $30,000 and would fit within the Standard plan.


Ad performance is shown on the Animal Manager and at the bottom of the Edit Ad page.

number of times this ad has shown up on a query results page shown to a user (ie., as a thumbnail).
number of times a user has clicked on this ad and viewed its details.
number of times a buyer has emailed you a message about this ad with MorphMarket's Inquire button.

When comparing ad click counts received on MorphMarket versus other sites, one should be careful to make a proper comparison.

  • On sites without the powerful search capabilities of MorphMarket, buyers scroll through many pages of ads for which they have no interest because they cannot form specific searches as they can on MorphMarket.
  • On sites where less information is shown in the search results, buyers are forced to click on more ads to find out more details even when those ads are not relevant to the their purchase intent.

Ultimately only sales leads and sales are a fair gauge of your performance; however, these metrics may be useful in detecting the relative interest of buyers in each of your ads.

Technical Notes:

  • Analytics are only updated once a day, so clicks from today are not seen until tomorrow.
  • Viewing your ads from the Animal Manager does not count toward impressions. Editing an ad does not count towards clicks. But otherwise, a seller's interactions with her own ads not excluded.
  • Ad counts began mid-April 2016.


Please visit our detailed Ratings Guide.

Account Configuration

Login with Facebook

You can login to MorphMarket with one click using your Facebook account. To connect your pre-existing MorphMarket account with Facebook:

  • Login the old way by typing in your login/password.
  • Under User Settings, choose "Manage Social Accounts".
  • Click "Login with Facebook".

Making Your Logo Square Dimensions

If you have a logo already, it's not difficult to convert it into square dimensions. You may just be able to crop it, but if this will lose part of your logo, here are step-by-step instructions on how you can can resize it to fill it out into a square shape:

  1. Go to
  2. Open image from computer and select your logo
  3. Menu: Image > Canvas size.
    1. Increase whichever dimension is smaller to equal the larger number (to make a square)
    2. Click the center of the grid so your logo is centered in this new space.
  4. Menu: View > show all (to see your new image)
  5. By default the new space is white, but you can use the pain bucket tool to fill that space in as black,etc.
  6. If current size is larger than 500x500, reduce it: Image > image size, and choose 500x500.
  7. Save to your computer.

You can then update your Store Directory Logo on MorphMarket:

  1. Go to, login, and in menu choose Seller Profile. At very bottom, drag and drop this image into the Store Logo.
  2. Reload the page to see preview beside where you drag and dropped it.
  3. Within an hour, our store directory will update with your logo.

Obtaining Pre-Launch Access

We'd love you to help us build a new species category on MorphMarket! To gain access to a pre-launched category, sign up and make sure to indicate it as a Selling Categories of Interest in your User Settings. If this category is ready (see list below), you'll receive immediate access. If it's not, we'll notify you once it's ready. By listing your animals early, you'll help us launch that much faster. You'll be supporting the community while reaching brand new customers.

Areas currently staged and in pre-launch status, in no particular order:


Please report any issues, some of which may include:

  • Unrecognized gene or morph names. Please read our policy first.
  • Unknown Price List formats which you think should be supported. This will require you to revise your input until it can be accepted.
  • Broken links or other bizarre behavior.