First Produced By: Todd Constable

Aliases: 401 Ball

First Produced In: 2009 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-03-21

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The Asphalt Ball Python is a member of the Super-Stripe complex, which closely resembles both the Yellowbelly and Gravel morphs, however produces a different Super form.

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The head of an Asphalt Ball Python is usually topped with a light tanned-brown crown, with a headstamp of light scales toward the back of the crown.


The body of an Asphalt Ball Python tends to have rich colouration, making the black ‘puzzle-like’ markings of a Normal Ball Python appear almost tanned.


The Asphalt Ball Python usually displays a clean belly of patternless scales with checkered/motley edging, though spotting can occasionally happen. The ‘flames’ that travel up the animals sides can be seen between markings.


The tail of the Asphalt Ball Python is similar to that of the Normal Ball Python, but following the regular Super-Stripe colouration, usually coming to an end with a thick stripe or beading.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.


  • Dirt Road (Asphalt Cinnamon Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Freeway (Asphalt Yellow Belly)
  • Yellow Brick Road (Asphalt Enchi Pastel)

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