First Produced By: Sterling Nelson

Aliases: Tangerine Nightmare, Orange Bang

First Produced In: 2014 [1]

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-08-16

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Bang is an incomplete dominant mutation founded by Sterling Nelson in 2014.

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Bang was originally farm hatched in Benin, Africa. Sterling Nelson imported the original Bang male from Africa and shipped him over to America on May 5th, 2014. Once he had the animal up to size, he paired him with a few recessive animals within his collection such as Clown and Piebald. [2]

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The head of the Bang ball python tends to be a dark tan colour with a large strip headstamp from behind the eyes up until the neck. The usual yellow eyestripes of a Normal ball python are surrounded by a black outer ring.


The body of the Bang ball python is covered in extremely banded alien heads over the dorsal. Alien heads are completely free of “eyes” and express a high yellow colouration with heavy blushing found throughout the animal, especially around the dorsal. White flaming can be found up the sides of the alien heads, travelling up from the belly.


The belly of the Bang is usually completely clear of markings, expressing a high white set of scales.


The tail of the Bang ball python follows the same patterning and coloration as the rest of the body. Some may express higher concentrations of connected alien heads along the tail.

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