First Produced By: Corey Woods Reptile

First Produced In: 2008

Last Updated: 2022-07-23

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Corey Woods: "The Eramosa gene has been in development here since I originally produced the gene back in 2008. 3 years in a row I bred a Genetic Stripe male to a Het Red Axanthic female (2006, 2007 & 2008).

On the 3rd year, 2008, from that same breeding, a light coloured animal popped out. Since I didn’t know what it was I named it “Mutation X”. I have slowly been working with, and developing the gene since that time. As of 2022 I have not sold any of the babies produced from this Line so no one else has this gene.

Here is what I know. The Eramosa gene is Dominant with no Super. It works as an “Enhancer” gene in both colour and pattern. It is lighter like the recessive Desert Ghost/Enhancer and has a wacky pattern that reminds me of the Rio. In combos it also “Enhances” the pattern as well. So far Pastel, Mahogany, and Chocolate seems to bring out the most extreme pattern mutations. However, I only work with a select group of gene so not all combos are known at this time.

The Eramosa gene grows fast, big and the females like to produce lots of eggs. The babies are aggressive and love to eat rats. They are also a little high strung and if I’m going to get bit by anything in the collection it is the Eramosa gene that’ll do it. They can be pissy like baby blood pythons but that means they eat."

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Corey Woods: "Random domination mutation that took place here back in 2008. Original breeding was Genetic Stripe male to Het Red Axanthic female. Out popped this random gene that I called “Mutation X”.

Any of the current Dominant/Co-Dominant genes would have had to be created through random, spontaneous mutation. So, the very first Pastel, Spider, Lesser, Het Red Axanthic…etc would have come from a normal x normal breeding in the wild. This is what happened in my collection under captive bred conditions.

I’m not very creative with names so I’ve called this gene “Mutation X” since I produced the first male back in 2008. Everyone seems to have a gene in their collection marked with an “X” so I knew long ago the name needed to be changed.

Eramosa is a river that runs through Southern Ontario including down the street from where I live. It also makes out part of the name of the township we live in (Guelph/Eramosa Township). So I have decided to name this gene “Eramosa”.

Since this gene was produced here, and no one else has it, it is close to my heart. So, I’ve maybe taken a bit too long to introduce it to society. However, I wanted to figure out a few things before releasing it;

  1. What do some of the combo look like
  2. Verify females produce eggs

Any combos that were not used were culled from the collection."

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Eramosa is lighty coloured like a Desert Ghost/Enhancer but a Dominant gene. Pattern is mutated in the base form but combos seem to bring out some extreme patterns as well.

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