First Produced By: Debated

Aliases: Het Black-eyed Lucy, Het Black-eyed Leucistic, Het Black-eye Lucy, Het Black-eye Leucistic

First Produced In: 2003 - 2005 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-07-13

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The Fire Ball Python is known as a colour enhancing morph, with it being used in many combos to clean up patterns and make colours more vibrant. Baby Fire Ball Pythons can vary in tone and can be hard to tell from a Normal Ball Python for inexperienced breeders, but with pretty much each shed, the browns become more yellow. By adulthood, they can easily be told apart.

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The Fire mutation was first noticed around 1995 by NERD in one of their animals.
In the early 2000s, a breeder from the UK named Eric Davies also noticed a similar trait in his animals. In 2003, he produced the super form, which is a Black-Eyed Leucistic.
Davies’ and NERD’s lines were paired together and produced more Black-Eyed Leucistics.

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The head of a Fire Ball Python is usually topped with a heavily faded crown, often with a lighter spot in its center. Lips and nostril scales can range from a shocking yellow to a tanned white.


The body of a Fire Ball Python follows the “alien head” pattern of a Normal Ball Python, but much brighter tones are displayed.


The Belly of a Fire Ball Python is usually clean and crisp, with faded patches of pattern visible along its sides.


The tail of a Fire Ball Python is similar to that of a Normal, but following the colourations of the Fire gene. Usually patterns come to an end with a solid stripe or tight beading.

Proven Lines

Lone Star Reptiles Line


  • Angel Of Death (Fire Granite Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Yellow Belly)
  • Biohazard (Super Pastel Butter Cinnamon Fire)
  • Black Cream (Black Pastel Fire Vanilla)
  • Black Fire (Black Pastel Fire)
  • Bush Fire (Cinnamon Fire Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Butter Fly (Butter Fire Pastel)
  • Butterfly (Butter Fire Pastel)
  • Disco Inferno (Disco Fire)
  • Dragon Fly (Fire Pastel Pinstripe)
  • Fire Bee (Fire Pastel Spider)
  • Fire Fly (Fire Pastel)
  • Firefly (Fire Pastel)
  • Firemon (Cinnamon Fire)
  • Firing Pin (Fire Pinstripe)
  • Floma (Fire Lesser Woma)
  • Grenade (Fire Spark)
  • Hot Chocolate (Chocolate Fire)
  • Lightning Bug (Fire Het Red Axanthic Pastel)
  • Lithium Blaze (Butter Cinnamon Fire Pastel)
  • Lithium Fire (Butter Cinnamon Fire)
  • Mercury (Super Cinnamon Fire)
  • Mercury Ball (Super Cinnamon Fire)
  • Nuclear (Butter Fire)
  • Nuclear Bee (Butter Fire Pastel Spider)
  • Nuclear Champagne (Butter Champagne Fire)
  • Nuclear Pinstripe (Butter Fire Pinstripe)
  • Nuclear Spider (Butter Fire Spider)
  • Nuclear Spinner (Butter Fire Pinstripe Spider)
  • Pyro Pied (Fire Piebald)
  • Rodeo (Fire Pinstripe Vanilla)
  • Scream (Fire Pastel Vanilla)
  • Sherbert Fly (Super Pastel Fire Pinstripe)
  • Super Dragon Fly (Super Pastel Fire Pinstripe)
  • Super Fly (Super Pastel Fire)
  • Superfly (Super Pastel Fire)
  • Triton (Enchi Fire Orange Dream Pastel)
  • Ultra Fly (Super Pastel Fire Yellow Belly)
  • Ultrafly (Super Pastel Fire Yellow Belly)
  • Vanilla Cream (Fire Vanilla)
  • Vanilla Scream (Fire Pastel Vanilla)
  • Xplosive Cream (Fire Mojave Pastel Spider Vanilla)

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