First Produced By: Matt Lerer

Aliases: Gotta Have It

First Produced In: 2007 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-03-21

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The GHI Ball Python is a colour and pattern altering mutation that is easily recognizable from a Normal Ball Python by its extremely dark “puzzle” pattern and strong golden “alien heads”. The GHI was first proved genetic by Matt Lerer after finding three identical and unusual Ball Pythons in a shipment of imported animals.

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Matt Lerer first discovered the GHI mutation in 2007, in two separate animals, within a shipment of imported snakes that arrived into Florida. A few days later, he discovered a third GHI in a further shipment from the same importer.[2]

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The head of a GHI Ball Python is covered completely with black scales, with marking being very rare. Bright yellowy-gold stripes show as they would with a Normal Ball Python, but with more intense colouration.


The body of the GHI Ball Python has “alien heads” that express a hollowness to them, leaving misshapen “rings/splatters” of gold the whole way through, with large amounts of spotting. Along the sides, silvery flames can be seen across the almost pitch background.


The belly of the GHI Ball Python varies from completely clear of pattern and markings to heavily murky and spotted.


The tail of the GHI Ball Python tends to show the same hollow “alien heads” that are visible on its body, to either side of a bright-gold dorsal stripe.

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No known proven lines.

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  • Chernobyl (GHI Cinnamon Paradox)
  • Coral Reef (GHI Coral Glow)

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