First Produced By: Peter Kahl Reptiles [1]

Aliases: Leo, Leopard Ball

First Produced In: 2005

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-05-20

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The Leopard Ball Python is a pattern and colouration altering mutation that is known to enhance the colour of combo offspring.

The name Leopard comes from the bright yellows that were on show when the first Spider Leopard and Pastel Leopard were first produced in 2005. For years, many breeders believed that all Leopard Ball Pythons were “het” for Piebald, though this has since been disproved by proof breeding.

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Up untill the mid 2000s, the Leopard Ball Python was something that only existed in Peter Kahl’s collection, with him producing a number Leopards, but keeping it under wraps until he had it figured out.

In the first few years of the millenia, Greg Graziani had purchased a Leopard Pied as simply a “Piebald male” from Peter Kahl that would lead to the introduction of the gene into the reptile world.

In 2005, Greg produced the first Leopards and Combos that were shown to the community.

As Greg’s first Leopards had come from a visual Piebald, the Leopards bought by breeders around the world were initially placed into their Piebald projects. After generations of this being the case, a lot of confusion surrounded the trait and its relationship with Piebald. [2]

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The head of the Leopard Ball is usually very dark brown/black with a slightly lighter stamp in its center. Eye stripes and lips seem unchanged from a Normal Ball Python, except brighter.


The body of the Leopard Ball Python usually starts out with a bright yellow colouration that fades with age. Blushing can be seen along the jet black “puzzle” pattern between shaken-up and splattered “alien heads”.


The Belly of a Leopard Ball Python tends to be bright white and clear of markings and patterns.


The tail of the Leopard Ball Python is usually dominated by messy “alien heads” on either side of the dorsal stripe.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.

Related Traits

No known related traits.


  • Batman (Leopard Spotnose Clown)
  • Cheetah (Leopard Pastel Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Leopard Extra (Leopard Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Leopard Pied (Leopard Piebald)
  • Ocelot (Leopard Lesser Pinstripe)
  • Raven Claw (Leopard Woma)

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