First Produced By: NERD

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-07-13

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Odium is an Incomplete Dominant mutation.

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The first Odium was a wild caught female purchased by NERD that had a two-toned coloring on her sides.

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The head of the Odium Ball is usually very dark brown/black with a lighter splattered stamp in its center.


The body of the Odium Ball Python usually starts out with bright yellow colouration that fades with age between jet black “puzzle” pattern between banded and splattered “alien heads”.

The gene by itself is not the most dramatic in appearance - however the key element of this gene is the “defining line” along the sides of the animal. The sides of the animal appear darker than the dorsal line. The “line” is practically straight down each side. This element is important.

In certain combos it can be a challenge to see. In other combos it is clear as day! Many HGW combos with Odium are very easy to notice as the reactive nature of HGW plays well with it.

Some combos will just look “off”. The color may be abnormal to what you would typically see - even in those more subtle combos.

In many cases, the “defining line” results in a seeming “evaporation” of melanin along the sides of the animal. This expression of the “line”, like in the single gene animal, is practically perfect - erasing melanin up to a certain point of the side pattern.

Often, the gene requires a bit of time to express itself, especially that dissolving of melanin.

Another unique feature - when mixed with Lucifer (NERD’s line of Fire) it will often create green coloration in hatchlings. As they age the green fades to a slate gray, but it is unique to see green color at all in a Ball Python! [1]


The tail of the Odium Ball Python is usually dominated by messy “alien heads” on either side of the dorsal stripe.

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  • Beast (Enchi Hidden Gene Woma Mojave Odium)

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