First Produced By: Charles Glaspie

Aliases: Sentinel

First Produced In: 2008 [1]

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-06-18

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The Paint Ball Python is a recessive mutation founded by Charles Glaspie in 2008.

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Charles’ original belief was that the Paint mutation was incomplete dominant due to the “markers” consistently showing up in his Paint clutches. After years of breeding projects and hearing the same story from many different sources, it came to light that when two “non-Paint” animals from a Paint clutch were paired together they produced a visual “Super Paint”. Even more breeding programs were done and people began to notice that some of the original “Paint” animals with markers were not guaranteed to produce Paint clutches.

Years later in 2019, Charles confirmed that it was time to relabel Paint as a recessive…

" "It was my original belief that others would catch on (like they did with YBs). However once they began breeding them to a larger gene pool than my own, it became obvious that not all of the hets are as visual as what I saw originally. So it’s more a case of some or most having markers. Yet it’s not 100%.”

Basically, (early on) I just wanted everyone to have the same knowledge of the markers, and now it seems like a case of “damned if I do and damned if I dont.” lol

It’s somewhat similar to the heterozygous Piebald marker situation…As in, not all het pieds have them, and not all wild caughts with said markings will produce pieds." [2]

Changed to Recessive in MorphMarkets database in December 2019.

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Paint Ball Pythons tend to have a dark tanned head that gets lighter towards the rear as it fades into the body.


The body patterning of the Paint Ball Python is highly variable and usually full of broken and pixelated patterning, with an almost Granite look to the alien heads. There is usually high blushing “flames” between the alien heads with extremely high blushing near the neck and head.


The Belly of the Paint Ball Python is usually a clear pearl with track marks along the sides. Often these can look like a zig-zag pattern or crosses.


The Tail of the Paint Ball Python usually carries the same patterning as the rest of the body.


For a long time Paint was considered an Incomplete Dominant trait, which has since been disproved.
However this information has not been corrected in many places through the community, which leads new members to initial confusion. [3]

Proven Lines


  • First Produced By: Ben Siegel Reptiles Inc (46763)
  • First Produced In: 2010

As with Charles Glaspie and the Paint Mutation, Ben Siegel orginally thought Sentinel to be incomplete dominant, but caught on early that it was difficult to tell 100% of time which animals actually had the Sentinel trait and which didn’t. Also, the “markers” were not 100% guarantees that they were carrying it. After discussion with other breeders having similar finding over many clutches, it was relisted as recessive.

Reclassified as Recessive in MorphMarket ’s database February 2019, following Paint’s reclassification.


  • First Produced By: Unknown
  • First Produced In: Unknown


  • First Produced By: Unknown
  • First Produced In: Unknown

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