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Last Updated: 2022-06-08

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Razor is an incomplete dominant mutation.

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Razor is a fairly rare incomplete dominant gene. It is allelic to black pastel and when bred together makes a Black Razor, which is a black snake with a silver stripe down its back. I proved out the super razor this past year (2017) and it is a promising super. The super form is not too overpowering and has lots of room for gene addition. [1]

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The head of a Razor Ball Python is very similar to that of a Normal Ball Python, though with slightly darker tones fading to a light crown with a dot stamp near the neck.


The body of the Razor Ball Python is usually covered in “one-eyed” misshapen “alien heads”, with slight blushing between.


The tail of the Razor Ball Python follows the same patterning as the rest of the body.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines


  • Black Razor (Black Pastel Razor)

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