Aliases: Lemon Het Leucistic, Het White Diamond, Russo Line Het Leucistics, Lemon Ball

First Produced In: 1998

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-06-08

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Russo is an inc-dominant mutation founded in 1998.

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In the 2002 Breeding Season I was very Fortunate enough to hatch a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python "White Diamond" from 2 of my “High Yellow Lemon” Ball Pythons. The High Yellow Lemons are a Incomplete Dominant trait and when bred together produce Proven Genetic Leucistic Ball Pythons. Since the name “Lemon Ball” is a little confusing ( and since there are a few white snake producing Ball Pythons out there ) I decided to simply call these yellow colored Ball pythons “Russo Line Het Leucistics”. When you breed a “Russo Line Het Leucistic” to a normal Ball Python you will get half a clutch of visible Het Lemon yellow colored Ball Pythons or Russo Line hets ( Proven here in 1998 ). These Hets are beautifull in their own right and are very distinguishable from their normal littermates. The Leucistics that these produce have deep Blue eyes that almost look through you and a pure white color over the entire snake - these are named “White Diamonds”. [1]

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The head of a Russo Ball Python is usually topped with a heavily faded crown, often with a lighter spot in its center.


The body of a Russo Ball Python mostly follows the “alien head” pattern of a Normal Ball Python but much grainier pigmentation and dirtier tones are displayed.


The tail of the Russo Ball Python usually displays the same coloration as the rest of the body.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines


  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Bam/Rus) (Bamboo Russo)
  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Les/Rus) (Lesser Russo)
  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Rus/But) (Butter Russo)
  • Blue-Eyed Lucy (Rus/Moj) (Mojave Russo)
  • Whie Diamond (Rus/Rus) (Russo Russo)
  • Invisi-ball (Mystic Russo)
  • Invisiball (Mystic Russo)
  • Pinto Pied (Russo Piebald)
  • Polar Ball (Super Russo Albino)

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