First Produced By: NERD [1]

Aliases: -Bee

Issues: Light to Severe Wobble, Lethal Super

First Produced In: 1999

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-06-12

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The Spider Ball Python is a pattern and colour altering morph that is credited by many as being one of the morphs that helped the hobby take off. The name Spider comes from the black “webbed” patterning between the “alien heads”.

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Super Spider- Lethal [2]


The Spider Ball Python (and other morphs) has a genetic disorder referred to in the hobby as a “wobble”. “Wobbles” can range from almost unnoticeable to worryingly severe on an individual basis and is one of the most highly debated and controversial topics in the reptile world, with many experienced breeders and keepers on both sides of the debate. While all Spider Ball Pythons “wobble” to a degree, extreme cases are rare and most will live a normal life. “Wobbles” are often more noticeable during feeding and agitation and can be affected by stress and husbandry.


The first spider ball python was imported from Africa by someone who worked at a pet store in Los Angeles. He pulled it out of a shipment and lived with him for 2 years. His wife and him wanted to go on a honeymoon and thats when Lindy Johnson from Freedom Breeder bought the spider ball python for $7500. He then sold the animal to Kevin From New England Reptile Distributors. Kevin reproduced the Spider in 1999, which finally founded the morph into the reptile hobby.

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The head of a Spider Ball Python is usually dominated by bold markings with a darker spot on its crown that makes them easily recognisable from their non-Spider siblings.


The black “puzzle” pattern along the body of the Spider Ball Python is heavily reduced, as are the markings within the now enlarged and golden “alien heads”.


The Belly of the Spider Ball Python usually shows faded or patchy continuation of the black body markings, with spots varying between individual animals. Large contrast in colours can be seen along its edges, especially in high-white Spiders.


The tail of the Spider Ball Python is usually heavily ruled by a mostly unbroken pattern that wraps from one side to the other.


While it is perfectly legal to breed the spider ball python, organizations like the IHS in Europe have banned the sale of any Ball Python carrying the Spider gene at their events. [3]

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.

Related Traits

Black Head, Champagne, Hidden Gene Woma, Cypress (suspected), Bongo (suspected), Woma (suspected), Spotnose Complex (suspected)


Most combos including the Spider morph are named with the suffix “-bee”, such as the Bumblebee, Killerbee, Bambee.

  • Asystole (Het Red Axanthic Pastel Spider Clown)
  • Bambee (Bamboo Spider)
  • Banana Bee (Banana Spider)
  • Black Bee (Black Pastel Spider)
  • Black Widow (Black Pastel Pastel Spider)
  • Bumble Bee (Pastel Spider)
  • Bumble Belly (Pastel Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Bush Fire (Cinnamon Fire Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Butter Bee (Butter Spider)
  • Buzz (Pastel Spider Puzzle)
  • Cali Bee (Calico Pastel Spider)
  • Calico Power (Super Pastel Calico Mojave Spider)
  • Calider (Calico Spider)
  • Cheetah (Leopard Pastel Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Cinna Bee (Cinnamon Spider)
  • Cinna Spin (Cinnamon Pinstripe Spider)
  • Coral Bee (Coral Glow Pastel Spider)
  • Cougar (Spark Spider)
  • Dirt Road (Asphalt Cinnamon Spider Yellow Belly)
  • Fire Bee (Fire Pastel Spider)
  • Ghost Killa (Super Pastel Butter Spider Ghost)
  • Ghostbuster (Butter Pastel Spider Ghost)
  • Honey Bee (Spider Ghost)
  • Hornet (Pastel Spider Genetic Stripe)
  • Humble Bee (Pastel Spider Ghost)
  • Killer Bee (Super Pastel Spider)
  • Killer Hornet (Super Pastel Spider Genetic Stripe)
  • Killer Queenbee (Super Pastel Butter Spider)
  • Killer Queenspin (Super Pastel Butter Pinstripe Spider)
  • Killer Spinner (Super Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • King Spin (Lesser Pinstripe Spider)
  • Leopard Extra (Leopard Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Lesser Bee (Lesser Spider)
  • Mochi Bumble Bee (Enchi Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Motley Bee (Spider Genetic Stripe)
  • Nuclear Bee (Butter Fire Pastel Spider)
  • Nuclear Spider (Butter Fire Spider)
  • Nuclear Spinner (Butter Fire Pinstripe Spider)
  • Pastave Bee (Mojave Pastel Spider)
  • Pewter Bee (Cinnamon Pastel Spider)
  • Queen Bee (Lesser Pastel Spider)
  • Queen Spin (Lesser Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Quint (Black Pastel Lesser Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Rainbow Banana (Banana Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Spied (Spider Piebald)
  • Spinner (Pinstripe Spider)
  • Spinner Blast (Pastel Pinstripe Spider)
  • Sterling Bee (Super Pastel Cinnamon Spider)
  • Stinger Bee (Enchi Spider)
  • Stinging Bumble Bee (Enchi Lesser Spider)
  • Stingless Bee (Enchi Lesser Spider)
  • Swarm (Enchi Spider Ghost)
  • Vanilla Bee (Spider Vanilla)
  • Wanna Bee (Hidden Gene Woma Pastel Spider)
  • Xplosive Cream (Fire Mojave Pastel Spider Vanilla)
  • Zebra Bee (Pastel Spider Axanthic (VPI))

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