First Produced By: Reptile Industries

Aliases: Ultramelanistic, Crider, Burgundy Albino

First Produced In: 1990s

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-03-21

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The Ultramel Ball Python is a colour altering mutation that reduces dark pigmentation, leaving a high contrasting combination of colours throughout its body. Although it’s name derives from the word “Ultramelanistic”, it is actually hypomelanism that is at play here.

Hypothesis: Genes linked to albinism in humans are the same as genes causing color morphs in ball pythons.

Defects in melanin production in humans cause a genetic condition known as albinism (technically, ‘oculocutaneous albinism’). Albinism in humans ranges from severe to mild, depending on the genetic cause.

The genes responsible for albinism in humans are shared with ball pythons. These genes encode proteins required for producing melanin. We predicted that the genes responsible for albinism in humans were the same as the genes causing the Albino/Toffee/Candy, Lavender Albino, and Ultramel color morphs in ball pythons. [1]

The Ultramel color morph is caused by variants in the gene TYRP1. This gene encodes an enzyme involved in synthesizing melanin. Mutations in this gene in humans cause a form of albinism in which individuals have reddish hair. This form of albinism in humans is more mild that other forms of albinism, similar to the difference between the Ultramel color morph and the Albino and Lavender Albino color morphs. [2]

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originally produced by Mark Bell back in the late nineties ( Ball Breeders call this line Ultramel ). [3]

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The head of an Ultramel Ball Python is dominated by a soft yet bright orange headstamp on top of its lilac crown.


The body of the Ultramel Ball Python is full of heavy blushing and bright yellows across the lilac-chocolate “puzzle” pattern.


The tail of the Ultramel Ball Python is similar to that of a Normal Ball Python, yet following the colourations of the rest of its body.

Proven Lines

Burgundy Albino, Crider

Related Traits

Monarch (suspected), Caramel Albino

the Ultramel color morph has two alleles. We hypothesize that one of these alleles may represent the morph originally described as Caramel Albino. Caramel Albino animals look similar to Ultramels, and we hypothesize that the two morphs are allelic. We suspect that some animals described as Ultramels are actually Caramel Albinos. [4]


  • Camarillo (Caramel Albino Ultramel)
  • Ultra Pin (Pinstripe Ultramel)

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