Albino (VPI)

First Produced By: Vida Preciosa International

Aliases: VPI Albino, VPI T+

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2021-12-16

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Vpi Albino is a recessive mutation.

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In 1996, two unusual Albino boas were serendipitously born in the collection of Becky Hutchins of Texas. These animal and their siblings were acquired by VPI soon after they were born. [1]

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Some individuals also show a wash of pink in the background color, primarily to the sides of the face & body, these are referred to as ‘pink panthers’. [2]

VPI Albino boas have dark-red eyes.


VPI Albinos have a pale background color with reduced black pigmentation. Saddle marking are much lighter. They have more color than the Kahl and Sharp Albino boas. Areas of black pattern are replaced with a medium purple-gray.


The tail follows the same patterning and coloration as the rest of the body.

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Related Traits

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  • VPI Albino Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (VPI))
  • VPI Albino Snow (Albino (VPI) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • VPI Albino Sunglow (Hypo Albino (VPI))
  • VPI Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (VPI))
  • VPI Snow (Albino (VPI) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • VPI Sunglow (Hypo Albino (VPI))
  • Super Tanglow (Super Hypo Super Jungle Albino (VPI))
  • Tanglow (Super Jungle Hypo Albino (VPI))

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