Anerythristic (Type 1)

Aliases: Type 1

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-01-10

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An Anery type I boa, is a colombian boa that is not able to produce red pigments, but still produces yellow and black pigments. Anery boas are the key to many coloration morphs as e.g. the Ghost (Anery + Hypo), the Snow (Anery + Albino) or the famous Moonglow variation (Anery + Albino + Hypo). [1]

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Anerythristic Boas are lacking all red pigment. The result is a grey, black, white & Silver Boa. Type 1 trait is lighter & more common amongst the Hypo Nics. [2]

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.

Related Traits

There are currently two types of Anerythristic traits associated with the Nicaraguan Boas and they are “Anerythristic Type 1 " and Anerythristic Type 2” boas. These are incompatible.


  • VPI Albino Snow (Albino (VPI) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • VPI Snow (Albino (VPI) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Artic (Albino (BWC) Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Artic Glow (Hypo Albino (BWC) Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Avalanche (Arabesque Albino (Kahl) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Ghost (Hypo Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Moon Glow (Hypo Albino (Kahl) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Moonglow (Hypo Albino (Kahl) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Sharp Albino Snow (Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Sharp Snow (Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Snow (Albino (Kahl) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Snow Glow (Hypo Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))

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