First Produced By: Bruce Dupre

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1996

Availability: Average

Last Updated: 2022-06-14

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Dilute is an hypomelanistic appearing cornsnake mutation.

Dilute differs from others in that it seems to affect the depth of pigmentation. [1]

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Originally discovered in combination with Anerythrism and Motley in a line of corns being marketed as “Blue Motleys” but now understood to be a separate allele. [2]

Exotics by Nature Co: “I have been in the Corn snake mutation hobby since I was a young teen in the 1990’s. I am the owner of the Exotics by Nature Company so my past and accomplishments can be easily vetted. If you want the TRUE ORIGIN of the Dilute gene, ground zero for “Blue Motley” itself, I named it that in 1996-8 when I first saw the animals produced by a man named Bruce Dupre of Slidell Louisiana. I was working in a pet store called Wild Cargo at the time and this man would bring in these horribly skinny corns and wholesale them for $15.00 each. My boss hated it because they would usually die because he would bring them to us cheap after they were too far gone from refusing meals etc. I saw the amazing looking color on some and thought there was no way they were regular Pastel Motleys. Later on Rob and Louise Stevens of Shriever, Louisiana ended up with the line since Louise worked at a wholesaler here in Southern Louisiana. They were called Bayou Reptiles and they are the ones responsible for isolating the gene that made the Anery A Motley into a stunning BLUE color. That is the TRUE HISTORY of the DILUTE GENE” [3]

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Extreme fading of colors, almost as if the snake is in shed all the time. Others have described it as the colors are buried under some layer. But along with this, lighter pigments such as pinks and yellows are enhanced. Whether this is the result of less melanin obscuring the lighter pigments or if they are truly more pronounced is not yet known. [4]

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  • Blue (Anerythristic Dilute)

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