Red Factor

Aliases: Coral, RF

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2021-11-23

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Red Factor is an incomplete dominant mutation.

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The head of a red factor corn will show a higher amount of red than a normal corn snake. In hatchlings, the red is usually most intense at the head and the base of the neck. As they grow, the red will continue to spread and saturate the head. The eyes will typically match the saddle color, usually a deep reddish orange with a black pupil.


The saddle pattern of a red factor corn will look like a typical pattern, with darker saddles and a lighter background color, with black borders around the saddles. Red factor enhances the red coloration of corn snakes. It presents as a wash of red over the whole body. Two copies of the red factor gene produce an even redder snake. Babies hatch out with some additional red, but the colors will intensify and be much more obvious after several sheds.


Although the belly checker pattern of a red factor corn will look normal, often a red wash will bleed into the belly, possibly coming up from the tail end and/or bleeding into the checkers. In extreme cases, nearly all of the black of the checkers will be replaced with red or dark orange.


The tail matches the body color and pattern.


Red modifying gene mutations have been in the corn snake hobby for quite some time, but many breeders had their own lines of red-enhanced snakes. Many of them chose unique names for their specific lines, so you will still sometimes see terms like cotton candy, cayenne, bubblegum, and strawberry (not to be confused with the actual strawberry morph). The most recent trend is to label red factor snakes with only one copy of the gene ‘coral’ and snakes with two copies of red factor ‘salmon’. However, that wasn’t always the case in the past, so when purchasing a red-enhanced snake with any of the trade names besides ‘red factor’ or ‘super red factor’, you may need to clarify with the breeder how many copies of red factor the snake actually has.

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  • Coral Ghost (Red Factor Anerythristic Hypo)
  • Coral Snow (Red Factor Amelanistic Anerythristic)
  • Salmon Ghost (Red Factor Anerythristic Hypo)
  • Salmon Snow (Red Factor Amelanistic Anerythristic)

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