First Produced By: Craig Boyd

Aliases: Original Granite

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Early 1990s

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-02-07

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It is primarily a pattern mutation, although Terrazzo corns that are less outcrossed also typically have a unique coloration of primarily reddish with strong gray undertones.

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Terrazzo originated from Keys corns.

The first ever Albino Terrazzos were hatched at JMG Reptile on October 17th, 2008 [1]

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The head of a Terrazzo corn can have either a typical corn snake head pattern or it can be reduced, similar to Masque. It often will have strong gray undertones and may be a more faded color than the body at maturity. The eye color usually matches the background color and the pupil will be black.


The body of a Terrazzo corn snake has a very unique pattern. Starting at the base of the neck, the pattern resembles a Stripe corn, with two parallel stripes. As the stripes move down the body, they break up and/or turn into jagged lines. Even further down the body, the pattern either disappears entirely, leaving mostly the background color present, or just a few dots will remain. The length of the stripe is highly variable, with some examples being striped nearly all the way down to the tail and others have almost no stripe visible at all and are nearly patternless. The stripe color will usually be reddish orange, and the background color often has a gray base. Orange or tan can also be present in the background color, but it will always be lighter than the main stripes. Terrazzos typically do not have black present.


The belly of a Terrazzo corn will be free of checkers. It can be solid white or it can have a wash of red or orange coming up from the tail.


The tail is often a solid or nearly solid color that matches the background color.

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  • Zolatone (Amelanistic Terrazzo)

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