First Produced By: Allen Repashy

Aliases: Pin-Dash, Partial Pinstripe

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-06-19

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Pinstripe crested geckos are considered a single, independent trait, whereas a morph is generally a group of traits or specific look, like flame, tiger or harlequin, but they can be easily treated as a morph. [1]

If the pinstripe is slightly broken along the dorsal and between 90-99%, it would be a high % pinstripe. [2]

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Originally produced out of animals from Allen Repashy. The hobby raced for several generation to create the first 100% pin. The race was followed by the first 100% Red pin, we were in the running and produced a few 99% before our first 100%. This was Pangea forum.

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Pinstripe Can reach all the way up to the eyes.


A pinstripe consists of full raised scales along the edge of the dorsal. The rest of the gecko’s dorsal can have flame/harlequin patterning, or it can be solid cream to match the pinstripe. In phantom animals the pin coloration is usually suppressed and the coloration is brightest at the base of the tail and fades moving towards the head.


The belly pattern can be effected and is oriented horizontally from the head to the tail


Tails can sometimes form pinstriping with animals that exhibit strong pinstripe.

Proven Lines

Partial Pinstripe
If the pinstripe is broken and forms no more than 90% of the dorsal edge, it would be a partial pinstripe

If a pinstripe has relatively large broken gaps along the dorsal, it would be a pin dash.

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