Phantom Eye

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First Produced In: Unknown

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Last Updated: 2022-04-26

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Characterized as animals with dark grey to black eye color. [1]

The phantom eye trait and she should be fully transitioned within 1-2 years, which is incredible to witness. [2]

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The iris of the gecko should be greatly darkened if not black. This is a relatively rare trait, and isn’t yet well understood. Often, it is a trait that is developed in a gecko; they do not express it as non-adults. Of the geckos I have here expressing this, it has been a trait that comes in with some age. One developed it as a three year adult, another developed it later (around six years old), another around four years old and took about 6 months to complete her transition to near black eyes. Another, which is a baby of the older one, started showing her transition around six years as well. That same older female produce another girl that transitioned one phantom eye around that same age as well. The age ranges I’ve experienced with this trait are 3-6 years old. This trait may or may not be expressed in both eyes and hasn’t been proven to be genetic quite yet, though there does seem to be some tie. As people start to focus more on this trait, we may see increased production of these animals. I have not had/bred any phantom eye males to phantom eye females at this point, but will be putting together a 2022 group of 1.4 phantom eye gargs. Only real problem is that you have to hold back these animals much longer to see if they possess the trait which will make it hard to work on, and take much longer to isolate than some other traits. [3]

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The Phantom Gecko Line.

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