Red Base

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First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-04-26

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This background color should be red when the gecko is fired up. When fired down, the background color is generally a pink. This background color often doesn’t start to develop until the gecko is ~6-10 months old. There are hints of background color sooner, but it doesn’t always develop as expected (or at all). There is some variation to the shade of red that qualifies for a red background. There are darker reds, rusty reds, and a pinkish red. The latter are generally pushed into their own category (pink). The rust backgrounds are a red influenced by brown pigmentation which reduces the red intensity/saturation and muddles the color. I often refer to these separately as well and outright call them a ‘rusty red’. Those not easily classified, I like to refer to as a red variant background. [1]

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Rusty Red

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