First Produced By: William Corwin

Aliases: Amel, T- Albino

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-02-14

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The T-Neg Amelanistic, or T-Neg for short, is a relatively new morph in Florida Kings. Though it has been around since 1990 or '91, it has only recently been available to hobbyists. We refer to these as T-Negs to distinguish them from the T+ which are Lavender Albinos. [1]

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The original T-Neg popped out of a normal clutch of Brooks Kings and was produced by William Corwin. There was no data given on whether they were wild caught parents, but William used the term Brooks. The female died shortly after laying her clutch, and William had no idea what was going to emerge from his unique clutch of eggs. Only one egg hatched out an Albino, and it was a male. Since the mother had died he could not back breed this male to the mother, so he decided to raise him up, and make hets. No info was given as to what happened to the siblings of this Albino male.

While speaking with now deceased Lloyd Lemke, Lloyd convinced William to buy a high red (Flame) female Brooks to breed with the T-Neg male, and make nice red hets. The clutch was male heavy, but he did hold back a few females, and raised them up to maturity. The females were bred with the T-Neg male, and several more T-Neg babies were produced. Of the babies produced that first year, William recalls that one female was exceptionally red, and he recalls her as gorgeous!

Before he was able to breed those T-Negs to continue producing more of them, he decided to change direction in his collection, and sold the project to Rainer Weishauptl.

In 2003, Rainer produced 1.4 T-Neg Albino Flames. He also claims he bred his male T-Neg to a BHB Anery female, and produced three viable eggs. Of those three eggs, one hatched out Anery.

Since then, the T-Negs have caught on in popularity, and have been used in many new combinations, not least of which is the making of the Jelly Brooks, which is covered extensively in that section. [2]

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The eyes are pink all their lives. [3]


The Albino or Amelanistic morph completely lacks any melanin (dark pigment) in its skin. The dark colors are replaced by a pinkish lavender color in babies. This color slowly changes to more of a whitish or very light lavender color as it matures.

Babies appear translucent and in the right lighting, you can see some of their insides and even prey items they’ve eaten. [4]

Proven Lines

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  • Albescent (Amelanistic Axanthic Hypo)
  • Double Albino (Amelanistic Lavender Albino)
  • Jelly (100% Het Amelanistic 100% Het Peanut Butter)
  • Pewter (Amelanistic Axanthic Peanut Butter)
  • True Hybino (Amelanistic Hypo)
  • True Snow (Amelanistic Anerythristic)

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