First Produced By: Zenny Felician

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-01-13

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(No single gene Erythristic pictures yet. Above is a Erythristic Red Hypo)

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The Erythristic gene was discovered and isolated by Zenny Felician, who suspected that there was probably a specific mutation at work in many of the Extreme Flames being sold by Tommy Agosta. Tommy’s line of Flames showed a dramatic improvement in the amount of red color that was being displayed over the previous Flames seen in the hobby. Breeders have been tagging almost any snake with red sides as “Flames”, but only one line actually had a gene responsible for the over abundant presence of red color. This gene was aptly coined Erythristic.

A bit of history on the Agosta/Fengya Flames is as follows: Tommy Agosta purchased all of Bob Fengya’s collection when Bob got out of the hobby many years ago. He had two main lines he was known for - the Flames and the New England Axanthics - though he told a friend of mine that he did not originate the NE Axanthics. Still he was credited for starting the line because he worked with them so much. My friend also spoke with Tommy about the drastic change in some of his snakes, especially his Extreme Flames which now show intense suffusion of red pigments. Tommy said that he bred a Fengya Flame to a NE Axanthic, and got some incredible looking snakes, and then he kept line breeding for the desired look he was after. Many of his Extreme Flames today have been bred into Anery, which also produced the High White Aneries. [1]

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The Erythristic gene is so strong that the red bleeds through heavily, even in the hets. Because of this, it can be tricky to distinguish a heterozygous from a homozygous individual, both showing increased amounts of erythrophores or red pigment cells. [2]

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  • Flamethrower (Erythristic Hypo)

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