Mt Koghis

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These animals are typically quite bulky, reaching into the 300 gram range. [1]

‘Mount Koghis’ Collected animals originated from the ‘Mount Koghis’ area. A distinct morph with heterogeneous snout scales. Males in particular tend to develop enlarged scales along the upper ridge of the snout. The head of mature males a larger angle (taller in back of head) compared to the more flattened heads of type A. Background color can vary from light to dark and there is a melanistic form. These geckos lack or have small light blotches and/or narrow light bars. Most captive animals are descendants from a pair owned by the late Michael Troger. Up to 14 inches. [2]

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The best way to identify this local is the enlarged scales along the bridge of the snout. [3]


Base colour of this locale is typically from olive green with browns all the way to jet black. Markings are typically apparent in this locale and their blotches appear in rows along their sides and can be as wide as some insular locales. [4]


The tail of the MT Koghis Leachianus Gecko follows the same patterning as the rest of the body.


Few data are available about these animals, unclear are the origins, unclear is the why they born completely black and unknown is why sometimes from koghis non melanistic hatch a melanistic one. [5]

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