Troger (Mt Koghis)

First Produced By: Michael Treoger

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2021-11-29

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Mt. Koghis Troeger are fantastic. These animals, if well fed, can reach easily 300 grams and arrive up to 400. They do not become very fat\heavy but they are massive, with big heads but never obese. [1]

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This variation was bred in Europe by the late Michael Treoger and most of this stock was imported to the USA upon his demise and joined the collection of Allen Repashy and PDV. This variation is defined by white barring on many of the examples. [2]

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Troger Mt Koghis Leachianus has a large head.


Young Troegers show a period when , if present, they have a lot of white bars. Usually after 5 or 6 years the white tend to vanish or be covered , becomes darker. [3]


The tail of the Troger Mt Koghis Leachianus follows the same patterning as the rest of the body.

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