First Produced By: Dave Doherty

Aliases: Hypoerythristic

Issues: 1991

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2021-12-31

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Anery is a recessive mutation.

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Dave Doherty was the first to produce an Anery in captivity around 1991. It was produced from hets produced by him from a wild-caught Anery. [1]

Anerythristic, “Anery” for short, specimens have been collected in the wild on two known occasions. The first was imported in the early 1980s, but failed to survive long enough to reproduce. A second specimen was imported in the late 1980s and wound up in the hands of Houston-area breeder David Doherty. Dave went on to breed the animal, ultimately producing the first captive-bred anerythristic Honduran in 1991. He proved the trait is inherited as a simple recessive. [2]

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Anerythristic Hondurans exhibit a near-total absence of red pigment. However, the subtle variations in underlying colorations of Hondurans still has an effect and subtle tones of pink, violet, yellow and even pale orange may influence the appearance. [3]


Some would argue this mutation should be more properly called hypoerythristic, but the trade name anerythristic has already become firmly established. [4]

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  • Ghost (Anerythristic Hypo)
  • Pearl (Albino Anerythristic Hypo)
  • Snow (Albino Anerythristic)

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